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Holiday Entertaining Made Festive and Easy with Freixenet

When it comes to holiday entertaining...think festive...think fun...think bubbles!
And what is more festive than THE Black Bottle Bubbly, Freixenet.
Holiday Entertaining with #Freixenet by 504 Main

I like my gatherings to sparkle as well as my wine! I was very excited when I received two gorgeous black bottles from Freixenet - one of Cordon Negro Brut, the original Black Bottle Bubbly, and one of Sweet Cuvée, the first line extension to the black bottle bubbles in 20 years! I decided to gather my friends for a pairing party! I came up with some of my own pairing combinations...but Freixenet has a Pairing App to get you on your way!


Wish List Giveaway (Don't Miss this One! 18 Baskets of AMAZING GOODIES!)

 Happy Holidays!
Now I know the holidays are about family and so much more than gifts...
but admit it we all like a few goodies too!
wish list gift basket by 504 main

Well, here is you opportunity for more than a few goodies!
This is a ginormously amazing
(you have to visit each blog individually to enter their giveaway.)


My Two Favorite Christmas Tree Projects (DIY's for the Long Weekend!)

Unbelievably...Christmas is here again - almost!
(yeah, I know...every December 25!)
But first Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I will be getting ready for some Christmas decorating after tomorrow...
it always starts with the tree in my house...
so I thought I'd share 2 of my

Over the last couple of years I have made many projects I like...
but here are just a couple you might want to tackle
over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
 Both are (pretty) simple.

First, one for the kiddos!
My little girlie likes to decorate the tree...all month long, so I created

And, next, one is for those of us who hate ugly tree stands!
(like me!)
A Christmas Tree Crate to hide that stand!

Christmas Tree Stand Crate by 504 Main

I hope you have an amazing week with your friends or family!
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Shamrock Surprise Pound Cake (recipe)

I may officially be a blogger...
I am finally keeping up to date (kind of) on my holidays!
Last week I shared the Lucky and Blessed Burlap Banner...
and now a sweet treat!
Shamrock Surprise Pound Cake


Love is in the Air: Valentine's Round Up

I may have totally flipped my lid!
First, I never (Ok, hardly ever) do any Valentines crafts, but this year is a different story!
 I have made hot chocolate spoons, mason jar vases, creativity boats, a LOVE banner, fingerprint heart pots, edible tea cups, had a picnic on the beach...
and now a Valentines round up post.
I might be dreaming (or crazy)!

(LINK UP to Tickled Pink Here)
Valentines Projects Round Up
Top row, left to right: Flamingo Toes, Dukes and Duchesses, Homework. Middle Row: Yesterday on Tuesday, 504 Main, The Scrap Shoppe. Bottom Row: Rook No. 17, Glamorous Affordable Life

These are some of my Valentines goodies that caught my eye
over the last few weeks of Tickled Pink. 

I plan on doing round ups once a month or as they tickle my fancy.
But - oh man - this is not easy work - so many AMAZING LINK UPS!


Glitter Your Holidays (Martha Stewart Crafts Giveaway)

I am keeping my holiday decorating pretty simple this year.
We have our "kid approved" tree and crate,
some nutcrackers, lights, a holiday card display,
 and some sweet paper trees I made.
(tutorial happening tomorrow - that photo is a teaser!)

 But no matter how low key the decor is...
I must have glitter.
A little sparkle.
A touch of whimsy and light.
An unexpected twinkle on the tree, table, or just because.
A few glittering delights make the other decor shine.

There is still time to add a little glittery goodness to your holidays as well! 

I have long been a fan of #marthastewartcrafts glitter,
and when I received the Rich Essentials Glitter Set -
24 dazzling colors for all of your glittering needs.
I was almost overwhelmed at the colors and possibilities.

In fact, I think I had too many projects and not enough time...so I am saving a few of them for a later date. (the giveaway for your own set of a Rich Essentials Glitter Set is at the end of this post)

My basic supplies for these projects were simple:
Martha Stewart Crafts Rich Essentials Glitter Set
Plate Joining Biscuits (size 20)
Mod Podge and a brush
Covering for your table/workspace
I also used some ribbon and beads I had on hand
Hot glue

Wreath Ornament
I used a caning jar lid as my base and stamped joy onto a fabric circle. Mod Podge was applied to the biscuits and then glitter (heliodor) to the tops and edges.

Twinkling Teardrop Garland
I drilled a hole in each biscuit, covered it in Mod Podge and then glittered (white gold) it all over (let it dry completely) and finished it by stringing them on a red ribbon. 

Dressed Up Candles
I decided to add some simple holiday glow to the ordinary too.
How about covering some old bakeware (I think these are jello molds) in Mod Podge and dousing them in glitter (graphite) - that is all I did here!

I like to roll the metal portion of votive candles in glue (Mod Podge) and glitter (heliodor)  so that when I set it in a clear votive holder there is some extra shimmer and shine.
(burn candles carefully - use a glass votive holder)

Add sparkle to your holidays!
Use Your Imagination
The Martha Stewart Crafts “Decorative Boxes,” in designs like stars, poinsettia and pine cones, can be covered in glitter and used as ornaments, decorations or unique gift boxes. One fabulously simple décor idea: glitter a group of them and then cluster together as a table centerpiece.

Worried about the a Glittery mess?

Martha Stewart Crafts has the solution! Keep crafting surfaces clean by using the “Glitter Tray and Rack,” which features an opening in one corner to easily brush excess glitter back into its container. And, if something does spill, the “Glitter Cleanup Roller” makes removing it a cinch. Plus, the roller remains sticky even after washing!

I am adding this to my Christmas List - you should see me and my house!
Remember I am a messy crafter! 

So go ahead and add a sparkly sprinkle to your holiday cards, decorations, party invitations, place cards or gift tags!

For project ideas and glitter guidance
– and to find the items mentioned above –
visit MarthaStewartCrafts.com 
And save 20% when you enter BLOG20 at checkout through 12/31/12

Enter the
Martha Stewart Crafts "Bag Your Holiday Bills"
Contest for your
chance to win $2,500!
Contest entry & details:
or for mobile, here: http://bit.ly/SzSiIE

Open from 12/19/2012 to 12/26/2012 (times are EST)
U.S. mailing addresses

You may use an email address or your facebook account
to access the rafflecopter widget 
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: I was provided with a Rich Essential Glitter set for myself and for the giveaway.


Aloha to The Elf on the Shelf

This is our first year for Elf on the Shelf.
My daughter begged for him all last year.
She got one for her birthday in July.
Our elf (aka Elfin) is not naughty...
he just sneaks around the house...
but he creeps me out
(have you seen him without his hat!)
and keeps me awake at night
(and I really need some sleep).
I talked to him about it and...
 when we got up this morning...
this is what I found:

Image credit: pugovica88 / 123RF Stock Photo
My Elf on the Shelf has become an Elf on the Beach.

 This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Thanksgiving Tabletop Turkey (the non-edible kind)

I hardly ever decorate for Thanksgiving.
In fact last year we went to Disneyland for the holiday.
But this year we are staying home and we need a few little things for our table.
When I received my Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch, I immediately thought the pretty edge of the circle would make pretty turkey feathers.

I was trying to create a modern version of a fold out honeycomb party decorations.
(does that make sense to you??? It did to me anyway!) 
I happen to love they way they turned out!
So, we will behaving visitors this year -
the two legged, gobbling, non-edible kind for Thanksgiving!

SUPPLIES (for one turkey)
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch (since this only goes on sale 11/13 and you may want to make turkeys before then, you can easily cut circles and use them for the turkeys and then embellish the edges or other punches or decorative edge scissors)
  • Turkey Template DOWNLOAD HERE (if you have trouble let me know - I am not "skilled" as templates. I tired to get this the right size and to be downloadable...sorry tech challenged here!)
  • Elmer's Rubber Cement (my glue of choice)
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Black Sharpie
  • Scissors

  • I used a fluted sheet of cardstock from Canvas Corp. You can also use paper bags, cereal boxes, chip board - let your imagination run wild!
  • Tim Holtz Kraft Kore paper pad with "sophisticated" turkey colors.

  • Optional: Distress In, Frayed Burlap

1. Print out the template (click here to download)
2. Cut out 2 turkey bodies in the fluted cardboard (NOTE: you can use any paper - I have even used the back of cereal boxes). BE SURE TO FLIP THE TURKEY BODY OVER SO THAT YOU HAVE ONE OF EACH SIDE.

3. Cute out 2 waddles (I used the same red for all of the turkeys - it only takes a bit of paper).

4. Determine your color combinations for the turkey feathers (my paper pad only had 24 sheets, so I mixed and matched).

5. Cut 3 circles total: 1 - 6" circle, 1 - 7" circle, 1 - 8" circle

6. Fold the circles in half; cut the circles in half; fold the halves in half.

7. Glue the turkey bodies together using the rubber cement (or you glue of choice). Brush rubber cement on both sides of the body and stick together for the best hold.

8. Use the Distress Ink to ink the edges of the turkey body

9. Right where the curve of the turkey neck becomes the "body" run a line of hot glue and attach the one half of the 6" circle along that line  - Try to place it so that the hot glue is not visible from the front of the turkey. Hold in place until glue hardens.

10. Run a line of hot glue just behind the folded 6" circle. Take the half of the 7" circle and place it right up next to the fold of the 6" circle.

11. Run a line of hot glue just behind the folded 7" circle. Take the half of the 8" circle and place it right up next to the fold of the 7" circle.

12. Fan out the folds. My paper was a cardstock and folded and kept its shape pretty well. You can add more glue to keep the feathers in the order/arrangement you desire.  

13. Glue the waddles on the turkeys.

There you go...cute little non-edible turkeys - one for each pace setting...or better yet how about making one big one as a centerpiece - off to make one now! 

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving table decoration?

Don't forget, you can tune into HSN or visit HSN.com on 11/13/12 to get the Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch (it's only available on HSN and HSN.com)

Martha Stewart Crafts is offering a 20% discount online through 12/31/12 when you
enter the Coupon Code BLOG20 at checkout.

(it cannot be used on the Circle Edge Punch which can only be purchased on HSN)
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: I was supplied a Circle Edge punch for a previously published review


An Egg Hunt and #EasterSmiles

We love a good egg hunt at our house.
Long after Easter has come and gone...
the eggs are still here...and I mean long after...
as in we are still hiding and finding eggs in August.
And, I am OK with that. 

When it comes time for the egg hunt, the Easter Bunny and Santa are in cahoots! They leave my kids a treasure map and send them on a journey to find trinkets and books, and of course eggs and other goodies. One thing my kids expect to find is a toothbrush...yeah, seriously, each of them get a toothbrush for these special occasions.


Hopping Into Spring with Sweet and Silly Bunnies

I am always behind when it comes to seasonal or holiday decorating
(seriously, we are just short of buying our Christmas tree the night before Christmas).
Last year I made these bunnies just in the nick of time, so while I prepare new crafty goodness for this year to celebrate SPRING, I thought I would share these guys again.
(original post 4/11/11)
I kind of love them!

Trio of Silly Bunnies

Supplies (all bunnies)
  • Paper mache Eggs (craft store)...I suppose you could use plastic eggs and cover them in paper mache too. 1 per bunny
  • Plate Joining Biscuits (from Rockler or the local hardware store) - 4 per bunny
  • Foam brush, Rockler
  • Craft knife or other utility knife

Supplies (chalkboard bunny)
  • DecoArt Chalkboard paint
  • Paint brush
  • Chalk
  • Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun or Gorilla Glue
  • Optional: White Paint Pen

Supplies (book page bunny)
  • DecoArt Decoupage, matte finish
  • Book pages, torn
  • Buttons/lace, rhinestone/whatever trim you want

DIY - Chalkboard Bunny
  • Paint egg and 4 biscuits in chalkboard paint - all over/both sides and let dry
  • Paint a second coat.
  • Let cure????
  • Once dry, rub chalk all over egg and biscuits
  • NOTE: You can leave your bunny plain and draw different faces on him - I did this for awhile and finally just drew a permanent face with white paint pen
  • *see DIY ALL BUNNIES Below for finishing

DIY - Book Page Bunny
  • Apply a thin layer of decoupage on a small area of the bunny, let dry slightly.
  • Apply pieces of torn book pages, overlapping the edges on that area - and applying decoupage on top of the freshly laid book pages; then continue onto other areas, until the bunny is covered.
  • Make sure the entire bunny is covered in book pages and a layer of decoupage and let dry.
  • *See DIY ALL BUNNIES Below for finishing

  • Cut 2 slits in the top of the egg for the ears - I simply cut a slit...I did not make anything more than a slit...then pushed the end of each ear into the slit. I did not glue the ears in the stayed fine...you can glue the ears if you wish.

  • Position two biscuits on the work surface so that the ends on one side are touching. About 1/2"in from the back point apply glue; place egg on the biscuit feet; let dry.

  • Add embellishment:
    • For the chalkboard bunny, I simply drew in ears and a simple face. I eventually made a permanent face with a white paint pen.
    • For the book page bunny, I used small lace flowers for the ears and eyes and a button nose; and for the other, just two buttons for eyes...and of course don't forget the tail!
Note: glitter would be awesome on these little guys either for the ears, eyes, etc., or mixed into the decoupage! You can decorate these little guys anyway you want...I just stayed simple.

So...are you getting ready for Spring or
do you need to get your tail movin' too?


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