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Dilly Summer Squash and Lentil Pasta Salad (Pasta Package Giveaway)

We are a pasta family.
We love pasta...in all shapes and forms.
My kids favorite...bow tie!
My hubby's favorite...spaghetti!
My favorite...any!

What is a constant is that we use whole wheat pasta rich in whole grain
Good quality, tasty whole wheat pasta like Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Pasta 
can truly bring out the best in your pasta dish. I was excited to receive a selection of Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Pastas to create a new recipe for their Summer Pastabilities  contest. (Um, yeah...I just might have won the Have a Grain Holiday Contest!)


Carrot Crunch Gingerbread: Have A Grain Holiday!

 Carrot Crunch Gingerbread
It is Really Good!
It won first place in the recipe contest!
My family LOVES so many of the flavors of the holidays -
cinnamon, pears, pumpkin, cranberry...and of course gingerbread.
One of my favorite things to do any time of the year,
but especially during the holidays is to bake. 

Pretty much ginger anything does not last long in our house.
Now for the confession...most of the "ginger treats" are not made by me.
They are usually made by others...but this year,
I am going to knock their socks off with a gingerbread creation