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Angels and Monsters in the Garden (Outdoor Fun)

This is a crazy easy and super fun project that (almost) anyone can do...and it is pretty cheap (and I have shared this before here...but it is too good not to share again!). I first did this project with my son when we moved into our house 8 years ago. I had quite a few of (single) fence pickets left over from our "keep the doggie from jumping the fence project," and we knew no one in the neighborhood yet so my imagination was the source of entertainment for my son.
We loved being outside in our garden, so we grabbed our fence pickets, paint, and all sorts of other objects and goodies and made garden angels.
This is a more recent recreation of that project!
(I was not a crazy blogger back then)


Caramel Loves Brownies (Guest Post: Will Cook For Smiles)

Do I have a treat for you...Brownies.
Even more than s'mores, Brownies are my favorite dessert.
(I do have a very long list though)
If I could, I would live on Pizza and brownies...
but that would not be a long life I am guessing.

This delicious treat is is compliments of Lyuba from Will Cook for Smiles.
Here are her Caramel Loves Brownies!
Big "Hug Hello" to all Holly's fans! I'm Lyuba from Will Cook for Smiles where I mostly blog about food and share great recipes. I say "mostly"' because an occasional craftspiration strikes and I sometimes post a craft project. I am a mom, a wife and a full time grad student. Life is busy but fun. Today, I'm sharing one of our favorite brownie recipes: Caramel Gooey Brownies! I actually named them "Caramel Loves Gooey Brownies" to go with the Valentine's theme.

4 large eggs
1 1/4 cups butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 2/3 cups unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tbs caramel
1 1/2 cups caramel bits

1. Preheat the oven to 325. Grease a 9x13 baking dish.
2. In a sauce pot, melt the butter and sugar, take off head and let cool, so it's not hot.
3. In a large mixing bowl, whisk the eggs until smooth, slowly add the melted butter/sugar mixture (that is why we cooled the butter because if it's too hot, it will cook the eggs). Add vanilla and caramel and mix until all combined.
4. Sift in the cocoa powder, whisk until combined. Sift in the flour and salt and whisk until just combined.
5. Fold in the caramel bits.
6. Spread the brownie batter in the  baking dish, evenly. Bake for 35-40 minutes.

And if you think these look good..come take a peek at my
 Nutella Brownies

Thanks for giving me the "floor", Holly and I hope you feel better soon!
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  Thank you Lyuba! Your recipes always put a smile on my face! 
Now, go visit Will Cook for Smiles...you will smile too!

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


Date in a Jar (Guest Post: The Gunny Sack)

Have I got a date for you! Look at how adorable this
Date in a Jar idea from The Gunny Sack is!
I love it because it is good for anytime of the year..a
nd it is something you could also give to your kids - my kids love mini golf!

Date in Jar Idea Mini golf
Hi, I'm Tonia from The Gunny Sack and I've loved gifts in jars ever since my Pampering Gift In A Jar post in 2011. Since then I've also used mason jars for desserts, crafts and storage. For Valentine's Day, I decided to create a Date In A Jar series. Each jar is filled with small items that related to the certain date idea. I am so excited that Holly is letting me share my Miniature Golf Date In A Jar with all of you!


You and Me Block (Guest Post: Ginger Snap Crafts!

Valentines Day is just around the corner! 
But there is still time to make a cutie-patootie craft
like this You & Me block from Ginger Snap Crafts!

Hi! I'm Ginger, & I blog over at Ginger Snap Crafts.
Here I am with my crazy family! ha! :)
My blog is a fun place where I share my cute & easy craft projects, ideas & recipes.
I would love to have YOU drop by sometime.

Today I'd love to show you how to make
this cute {you & me} Valentine block.


K-Cup Valentine Upcycle (Guest Post: I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

Hi all! I made a big blogger boo-boo. I spent too much time on the computer and stayed up way too late...and wore my contacts way too long and my eyes are KILLING me!
I am trying to rest as much as I can right now,
and am very lucky to have some friend stopping by to help me out!
There is also an amazing group giveaway happening right now...
Hop on over to enter to win a Fingerprint Heart Duo Necklace.

Now, here's Kristi! 

Hi there, 504 Main readers! I'm Kristi from ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com. I'm a part-time graphic designer and full-time DIY enthusiast. I love sharing my crazy DIY projects as well as designs and printables over at my blog. So thankful to Holly for having me here today! I'm sharing one of the easiest crafts I've ever put together...an upcycled K-Cup Valentine Box.

Y'all, I'm a total K-Cup addict. I can't get enough and always have lots of empty boxes. I like how the little flap on an empty K-Cup box folds down...similar to an old-fashioned mailbox. So...a little tissue paper, mod podge and less than an hour later....ta-da! It's an easy Valentine holder!


Guest Post: Four Marrs One Venus

Hi all...I am slammed with deadlines...
so what better time than to have some visitors over here at 504 Main.
I have been making pumpkin spice lattes for everyone...
so who else is coming over to join us?
Before I go...
Have you entered my super awesome giveaway yet???
There are two!
SodaStream Home Soda Maker (LOVE!
Here is my first visitor...
she is amazing and so much fun!

Hi there! My name is Jen and I blog over at...

I am so excited to Holly asked me to come over and hang with her! Blogging has opened up so many fun adventures..and meeting amazing ladies is one of them! This girl is just that....amazing! Thank you Holly!
A little bit about me? I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys! If I am not crafting, cleaning, dancing, cooking or singing...you can find me taxi-ing the boys around to school and sports! I married my high school sweet cheeks 13 years ago in Las Vegas! Drive up wedding window..yes we did! I love to laugh and bring smiles to others!

What I do

I UpCycle
I Cook
Peach Pie

I eat what I cook:

I Organize

I Craft
I Fix

And I Dance

You like what you see? Want to be friends? I would love to have you come over and say whats up! You can find me at my BlogFBTwitterPinterest or Google+

This post is written and created by 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


The Glamorous Housewife Makes Sweet Asian Slaw

I have a very special guest today!
And when you read her intro below…just know,
I did not pay her for those sweet comments!
Bethany from The Glamorous Housewife is here to cook for us! The last time I saw Bethany in person she was wearing a wedding dress (a GORGEOUS one) and more recently I was flipping through Country Living and saw her smiling at me.
Yep, her charming and unique home was features in Country Living in June

Now, here is Bethany….

Hi everyone, my name is Bethany Herwegh and I am The Glamorous Housewife. I met Holly 13 years ago when I hired her to be my wedding planner. I can’t believe it has been so long! Holly was amazing at her job and I had the time of my life. My mother has gone on to have two more of her children married off and she says Holly was by far the best wedding planner she ever had the pleasure of working with. And if you knew my mom you would know that is a gold plated recommendation.

Recently Holly and I reconnected through our blogs, and I am loving everything 504 Main! From cooking to crafting, Holly does it all with such style and aplomb. I am definitely inspired by her. 

sweet asian slaw_cover photo

As an avid cook I wanted to share with the readers of 504 Main a favorite salad of mine:
Sweet Asian Slaw.
I have made this multiple times and whenever I serve it the bowl is licked clean. No seriously - I have had people actually use their bread to scrape out the last of the dressing! And the best part is how simple it is to prepare.

I always start by mixing my dressing first. I have found the longer a dressing sits, the better it tastes. I often make my dressings a day ahead of time, or I make a big batch and just leave it in the refrigerator. This dressing should last at least a month in the fridge. But if you are short on time just make sure all the sugar has dissolved before you serve it.

dressing 1.1

In a jar I mix together:
 ½ cup oil - usually canola
½ cup rice vinegar
1/3 cup sugar
1-2 tsp of salt.
  • I give it a good shake and then leave it for the flavors to mingle together.
  • Next I melt 2-3 Tbsp of butter in a skillet on a medium to medium low heat.
  • Once the butter is melted I add ½ cup sliced almonds and 1 Tbsp sesame seeds and a few pinches of salt. NOTE: In the pictures I used black sesame seeds, but white works just as well.
  • I let those toast up to a nice light caramel color making sure not to let them burn. Then I place the mixture on a plate so they don’t continue to cook in the skillet. This is the easiest way to keep them from burning.

slaw ingredients 1.1
  • After I toasted the almonds and sesame seeds, I open a bag of slaw.
  • In the photos I sliced my own cabbage, but this seriously is just as good with the bags of coleslaw you can get in the market. Or you can also slice your own cabbage- either way tastes fantastic.
  • To the cabbage I add 2-3 sliced scallions and a handful of chopped cilantro.
  • About 10 minutes before I serve I add the dressing to the slaw, sprinkle on the nuts and seeds, and toss.

That’s it!

Though the ingredients are simple the taste is an ideal arrangement of sweet, sour, and salt. You get a soft crunch with the cabbage, a green fresh pop from the cilantro and scallions, and then a hard salty crunch when you bite into the toasted nuts and sesame seeds. Together these simple items create a perfectly balanced salad that you and your family will love.
sweet asian slaw served

Doesn't this sound and look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I am so making this ASAP!

glamorous housewife logo

So ladies (and gentlemen) you must checkout Bethany’s blog.
I love her about me page.
I think I need to go to Bethany Bootcamp right about now!

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Guest Post and GIVEAWAY: Katie Did It Shares Etsy Tips!

I am so pleased to have a guest blogger today...Katie!
She recently opened an esty shop and I thought having her share some of her experiences about that would be great (I have not taken the etsy shop leap yet!). So here is Katie to share some of her tips.

Hi there! My name is Katie, and I blog over at Katie{Did}It.
I am STOKED to be here at 504 Main.
I love this blog, and Holly is super sweet!

So, how many of you out there have been thinking about starting up your own small business, such as an Etsy shop? First of all, good for you! It takes a lot of courage to put your product (you) out there. You really have to push that fear of failure aside and just go for it. I recently opened my Etsy shop, but it was only after weeks of fretting about whether or not I should do so, that I actually did it. I just kept thinking to myself, well, what if no one likes my stuff? What if no one buys anything? And then I will have to close down the shop, and it will all have been for nothing.... And that's something we all must face. But one of the things that I've learned is that there is always someone who will like your stuff. Now, does that mean that you will be uber successful and sell lots of stuff? Not necessarily.

I participated in my first craft show in May, and that's really what gave me the final push that I needed to open my Etsy shop. The craft show was small and was held at a friend of mines house. I had a nice little inventory of stuff, and I decided that with what I had made for the show, I would put in the shop as well, to start things off.

First things first, you need good pictures.
Of course. If your pictures are sub par, it is less likely that they will be clicked on when they pop up in someones search. And that's what its all about. Views. Just like your blog, views are the key. A high amount of traffic leads to a higher potential for customers who will actually buy what you are selling. I opened up shop with the pictures that I have now, which are not bad, but are not stellar either. They're somewhere in the middle. I am in the process of upgrading them as we speak. You don't have to be a professional photographer to have great pictures. Its all about the details. Here are some of the things that I have learned about taking good pictures:
~ Lighting is key. You don't want your pictures to be too dark, and you don't want them to be washed out. Use indirect natural light.

~ Edit your pictures. Cropping your pictures is one of the best things that you could do. It allows for a closer view of the product, and cuts out any distracting or unnecessary background "noise".

 ~ Take a picture of your product in use. Are you selling clothes? Put them on a person. Selling picture frames or hanging frames? Put a picture in them and hang them or put them in a place that you would use as decoration so the buyer can really picture how it might look in their home.

Those are a few things that can really help take your pictures to the next level, and help you get more listing views.

The next things isdon't wait to open your shop just because you don't have "enough" inventory. If you only have a few things to start out with, that's OK. Go ahead and list them and get them out there! I know Etsy says to list at least 8 things so that you have a better chance of making a sale. But meh. Just do it.

Don't price your items too low! For realsies. I know that you may feel like you need to price your items according to what other people are selling theirs for, but that's not true. You will never "price yourself out of the market". If some one wants to buy your product, they're going to buy it. That is that. Plus, you have to make sure that YOU are getting paid. You are not a factory that can crank items out one after the other. You make each thing, putting in your time, effort, and love. And at the end of the day, you need to make sure that your cost, labor, and overhead are taken care of... But that can be a whole other topic...

Don't get discouraged. Its very easy to get down in the dumps pretty quickly, but don't. Give yourself some time. Just because you aren't selling things left and right a week after you open shop doesn't mean that you wont, or that you've failed. I'm sure there are some people out there who open up shop and having booming business right away. And I KNOW there are others out there who open up shop and go months before making their first sale. The point is, it doesn't happen the same way for any one person. Put some effort into promoting your shop and your items, and give it some time.

These are just some things that I have discovered on my road to opening my Etsy store. I have lots more of that to share, and will be doing so in a little series over at my blog. So stop by some time and check it out!

Now on to the really good stuff...
A Giveaway! Yeah!

Patriotic accessories - for your house or yourself, are always in season!!

I offer custom photo canvases in a variety of sizes.

I love little girls headbands and have a Couture line as well as an everyday line.

These fun solid wood picture blocks are great for displaying your photos or even recipe cards!

This large stacked wooden frame makes a great statement piece, and would be really fun on a gallery wall!

I love wreaths.
Correction, I have an addiction to wreaths, and make several different kinds.

Thanks to Holly for having me here today!

Stay Crafty My Friends...

winner is Sally!
The GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open from July 18, 2012 through July 23, 2012
U.S. Residents/Mailing Addresses only
Winner selected at random

As for the giveaway, I will be offering a $20 credit in my shop! Woot Woot!

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Be sure to visit Katie's Facebook page too!

Thanks Katie -  such good advice! Be sure to say hi to Katie!

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Guest Post: The Scrap Shoppe

Hi all....
I am still off somewhere...
perhaps celebrating the
Los Angeles Kings first EVER Stanley Cup!
You can take the girl out of L.A. but not the L.A. out of the girl!
Today I have another of my FAVORIT-EST bloggers
for you with a super-awesome tutorial
Michele from The Scrap Shoppe never disappoints
when it comes to creativity and over all sweetness.
Here she is sharing a DIY Letterpress tamp tutorial!

Hello, 504 Main-ers!!
I'm Michele, and I create at The Scrap Shoppe.

I am excited to be visiting Holly today and confessing a secret.

Okay, if you have ever visited my blog it may not be that much of a secret...
I am slightly obsessed with monograms!

Vinyl Hutch MakeoverYarn WreathEmbroidery Hoop Wall ArtMonogram Sign, DIY Letterpress StampPottery Barn Knock Off Pillow

I'm always trying to think up new creative ways to add them to my decor!

This is my latest inspiration:
Metal Printer's Type - Alphabet 8 with Pedestal

I thought these letterpress stamps would be fun in a jumbo size and today I'm going to show you how to make one for yourself!

The materials needed to make your own oversized letterpress stamp are pretty basic.

I used a large paper mache monogram letter and a couple of pieces of wood cut about a 1/4" larger than the letter.

Just stacking everything up you can see what I'm going for with these three pieces.

Now to start putting everything together!

The two pieces of wood were glued together then wood putty was used to seal the cracks between the two pieces. It was then sanded and primed. You can see that you can not even tell that this block is more than one piece of wood!

I mixed some brown, black, and dark green acrylic paint to make a grayish brown color and painted the wood block. With the primer, it only took 2 coats of paint for good coverage.

I painted the M the same color as the block. Then I mixed some brown, black, and gold acrylic paint and brushed it lightly over the top of the M, making sure not to give it good coverage. Then I quickly wiped much of the paint back off.

I think that extra lighter coat of paint on top gives the letter a "used" feel like it really was used as a stamp! And it helps add that metallic touch of an old letterpress stamp.

Once everything was painted and dry it was time to glue my monogram to my wood block.

I used my trusty Beacon's 3-in-1 adhesive.
This stuff is like a hot glue gun in a bottle.
All the adhesive power, none of the burns!

I made sure I had my 1/4" edge all the way around my new "stamp" as I glued the letter down.

Although the letter was made of paper mache, it still made the front of the stamp a little forward heavy when it was standing upright. And with that 1/4" gap on the bottom of the stamp, it had a tendency to tilt slightly forward. To remedy that I added a small bit of that material you put under your rugs so they don't move around. Then I painted it black so as not to be noticed.

Its amazing the transformation paint can have!

Another happy monogram project to check off the list!

Thank you so much for letting me visit, Holly!
I would love for you all to visit me at my place sometime!


Now head over and see some more
awesome projects at The Scrap Shoppe

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