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Tickled Pink Times Two No. 18 and No. 19 FEATURES (belated of course!)

First thanks for all of your patience
with the linky craziness yesterday.
(annoying, but fixed)
If you want to link up to the current party...
just click on over to Tickled Pink Times Two No. 20
Keep reading for the features from
Tickled Pink No. 18 and No. 19

I was in Austin Texas (my soon-to-be-one-day new home) for a week...
and this is one of my favorite photos!

What a gorgeous sunset!


Tickled Pink...Features Round Up (weeks of goodness people!)

So very behind...so very behind...(and a lot tired!)...
and I may never catch up...but I tried.
But first....

If you are looking for
click away and head over.

Tickled Pink at 504 Main

Now...a warning...this post is LONG and photo heavy
(either are necessarily a bad thing)

This is a round up of the top viewed items in each category for the past few weeks! I could get lost in all the amazing links forever. You all are awesome! So that is why I decided to show you  want has been clicked a lot  - what you all are interested in!

Click on READ MORE to see the rest of the features!
I am using the read more...because this post is long.....


It My SITS Day and I'll Squeal with Delight If I Want To!

Wooo-whooo! W-E-L-C-O-M-E!
It is my SITS day and I feel fancy!
If only I had a tiara...see I always wanted one...
I wanted to be a pageant queen...of course,
I also wanted to be a cowgirl...
maybe I really wanted to be Dolly Parton?
Maybe Heather and Tiffany at SITS knew it was my birthday
weekend and wanted to give me a a very cool present!
And, oh yeah, check out what I got for my b'day....
a ticket to Bloggy Bootcamp in SF...who's going???
Whatever the case, 504 Main is my home away from home.
Makeup, mochas, and "I Love you Mama"
keep me sane and motivated!
I am a not-so-domestic diva, turned full-on domestic diva
...and I LOVE it...mostly.
{Read more about it here}
I cook, create, and attempt to entertain.
Of course a little bribery...
a steaming hot mocha with homemade
whip cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon,
or a perfectly chilled sparkling wine
and some brie...
usually keep the guests here longer.

Here's a small sampling of what's happening at my place!
** I LOVE to be creative {Monday is usually DIY Day, but don't quote me on that, I have an issue with schedules}. I L-O-V-E all of my creations, but the Birthday Chandelier I made for hubby's big b'day is to-die-for!

** I was a wedding planner in Los Angeles and had a few brushes with reality show {semi} fame, read all about it in How to Make a Beautiful Bride Ugly.

** I cook! BUT I love to bake! Have you tried Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies yet?

**I am forever rethinking my list of must haves.
 {sorry, I know that is 4! but I never know when to stop...it is genetic!}

Oh yeah, one...no two...final tidbits
{I promise I'm done!!!...See, I told you I never know when to stop...you were warned!}
** If you want to read a hot topic...check out the discussion on Blogiquette
**Come back every Friday to see who/what/where in blog land and beyond has Tickled Me Pink. 

I just want to end with a BIG thank you to the The SITS Girls!  When I started my blog {OK, I actually have two blogs...anyone engaged or getting hitched?..check out HipWeddings}. I had no idea what I was doing. I was tech savvy enough to manage my way through blogger set up...and even get a fancy background going on {which has been changed numerous times}. Then, I kept seeing this button...
I got up the courage..."OK, I can click on it, the computer won't explode." I did and guess what I found a community of bloggers who made comments {that was still foreign territory for me}. It gave me courage to go forth and comment and I did...and I got followers....and I started to have fun. All leading up to this day...my day as SITS featured blogger. 

THANKS everyone for coming by...I will be by to visit or respond to you all {you did read Blogiquette, right?}! Follow along if you like what you see and be sure to let me know!

P.S. A VERY BIG P.S.!!! - All you DIYers and crafters...there is some DIY greatness coming your way in May...be sure to check back...I can not tell you all the details yet...you will need to come over to my blog on Wednesday, 4/21/10 to get ALL the details. I can tell you it involves VENDORS – VERY cool vendors. I can tell you there are GIFTS involved and I can tell you that you will have lots of fun...SO EXCITING!!! I promise it will be fun and you will not want to miss out, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS and come back over Wednesday, 4/21/10 for the details.

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Lady Bloggers Society Rocks!


Imagine my surprise when I checked into Lady Bloggers Society today and discovered I was the featured blog. YIPPPEEEE!!! Now, that is a great way to start off the weekend!

I really cannot tell you how much I {heart} Lady Bloggers Society. Every day is a new topic that teaches me something...and everyone's comments are just as fantastic...and then there is the tea party...I just L-O-V-E tea parties! There is real interaction here and I L-O-V-E it! I am so happy I found them! I am also tickled pink that when a Lady Blogger visits, they leave wonderful, relevant comments. Yeah! My favorite!

Here is a little about me in brief...I am Holly and this is my home away from home where I entertain, cook, create, and occasionally ramble on about this and that. I am a former-ish wedding planner {oh yeah, there is a wedding blog too...Hip Weddings}, turned not-so-domestic diva, turned full-on domestic diva. So, now I am a mom, author, cook, crafter, and all around handy woman {read more about it here}.

I just began a new feature called I'm Tickled Pink. I will do this every Friday and another Lady Blogger, Heather from Gerber Days was my first feature. Check out I'm Tickled Pink and you can win a super-cute Liberty of London mini-journal set.

I also love to cook and craft {sorry, some of my tabs up there are still under construction...I just got a makeover}. Some of the latest creations are over there on the side bar. My fave is the birthday chandelier I made for hubby. But I also love my eggs and chicks too!

Hungry? Check out my recipe for banana buckwheat bread or have you tried bacon chocolate chip cookies yet? Or for something more savory, some yummy chili brie {the best ever!}.

Looking for a chuckle...here are a few entries that may amuse you...A journal entry from a 13 year old or a little insight into my excellent parenting skills.

So...thank you for stopping by! Welcome...kick off your heels and stay awhile! Don't forget...check out I'm Tickled Pink!


I've Been Featured!

Here are some cool places where my projects have been featured! You should check them out...they are cool places too visit too!
 Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh
featured the vintage-inspired blackboard sign

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