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Waverize It!: Slipcovered Ruffle Wreath

A little bit ago, a lovely little package with a couple yards
of Waverly Fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store  arrived on my doorstep.
This fabric sent me over the moon - gorgeous and fun and fabulous!
I had one million and one ideas for it...
and was only given one rule...Waverize It!  

Slipcovered Ruffle Wreath


Raggedy Fabric Bunnies

I love little bunnies.
(in theory anyway)
It is the ears that get me...
big ole floppy ears...too sweet!
And of course their healthy eating habits...
carrot anyone?

I really do not do a lot of holiday crafts,
but one or two per holiday and I am happy.
They are usually pretty simple too...like this one.

I tend to over-complicate matters...
but tried to keep this SIMPLE...
and seeing as how my 4 year old can almost make one on her one...
I think this qualifies as SIMPLE.
Washcloth turned bunny

My mom made these little bunnies (or something very similar)
out of baby wash cloths for my nieces baby shower 13+ years ago
and they were called boo-boo bunnies
(I think you wet them and freeze them and pull them out when there is a boo-boo)...
so that is my inspiration.
(NOTE: my bunnies are NOT meant to be boo-boo bunnies.
Someone asked...so I am throwing that out there.)

There are so many ways to make this little bunny your own...
so go with it and be creative.
Most importantly...you can ever use what you have!
Simple supplies
  • Cut/ripped piece of drop cloth (what I used) or burlap or your favorite fabric...or a wash cloth (Target washcloths)
  • Rubber bands - I bought a big bag of assorted rubber bands...the thicker ones that you can wrap a few times work best.
  • For the Face, I used Elmer's Painters in black and pink. These were so easy to use for this!
    • NOTE: You could use regular paint, or embroidery with a few french knots or buttons - your pick.
  • Ribbon/trim
  • Optional: blush and cotton swab

1. Cut/rip fabric into a 12" x 12" square

2. Roll diagonally from one corner
3. Fold in half

4. Flip so it looks like a U and fold back all the way.

5. Pinch closed. Place rubber band about 1" back from this new fold and wrap rubber band a few times.

5. Make a face, I did 2 simple dots for eyes in black and one in pink for the nose.

6. A smidge of blush on the ears and maybe the cheeks
Yes, my bunnies wear Benefit cosmetics!

Kissing bunnies

In about 5 minute you have a bunny!
Or lots of bunnies!

Each bunny has a different face!

So, are you up for an easy craft?
Try this one!


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DIY! "JOY"FUL Fabric Trees

I am also a little obsessed with trees this year. I had plans to get crazy with little vignettes of trees everywhere...well, it did not happen...yet (Every year I am crafting and creating until the last minute...well, I still have 6 days left...so technically not the last minute, right? I still have time.)

Anyway, I still LOVE my trio of trees from last year, but had to make more trees!! Now these trees are very different than last years trees...
It took me about 30 minutes to make them all!


  • 3 - Styrofoam Crafts 5 7/8" Cones
  • 1 Sheet Canvas Corp Chalk Stock
  • Gorilla Glue Super Glue
  • 1 box floral pins with pearl head (you may or may not use the entire box - I used about 20 per tree)
  • Cotton fabric - I used scraps around the house. You only need about 1/4 yard
  • 6 - Skewers (or 3 - skewers and 3 -  Toothpicks)
  • 3 - Pearls or beads Glue stick

If you can rip and pin/stick things in Styrofoam...
you can do this craft

1. Lay fabric flat and make 1/2″  cuts about every 1/2″ along the selvage of the fabric

2. Rip fabric using the small cuts as the starting points
(There will be lots of strings and frayed edges – and that is good!)

3. At the base of a cone use a floral pin to secure a strip of fabric. Begin wrapping that strip of fabric all around the cone, overlapping edges slightly.

4. When you reach the end of a strip, grab another strip and secure the first strip to the second strip with a fabric pin – just stick in the Styrofoam, being sure to secure the end and beginning of the strips.

5. Continue to wrap until you are finished (I used about 2 strips per cone for wrapping..if you use a larger cons, you will need more strips.) when you reach the top wrap around the top to cover the Styrofoam (you will be placing a toothpick in here so, try to keep a little space open in the center to poke this in). Secure the strip to the top with a pin.

6. You can be done if you want..or I used one more strip – secure to the top with a floral pin (you can secure it using the pin you just inserted to finish off the wrapping). Twist this strip of fabric and then wrap around the tree, like a garland – you are not wrapping to cover just to accent. Finish off the end with a floral pin.

7. Decorate the tree with floral pins – by using the pearl headed pins to secure the fabric, you are also decorating, so just keep doing it.

8. Place a skewer in the bottom center of the cone. You can then place the trees in anything you want. I kept my skewers long and used my milkglass vases to display them. You can grab some floral foam and tuck them into many different types of containers.


Add some FUN with Sweet Little Pennants of JOY!!
I made some pennant ornaments using Canvas Corp paper the other day and these tree  topper pennants were inspired by those.

Now, I made 3 trees and wrote JOY on the pennant,
but these are easily adaptable to any wording and so EASY to finish.

You need:
skewer or toothpick
chalkstock or heavier paper
pearl (with hole) or other embellishment
Gorilla Glue Super Glue
Glue Stick

Place small drops of Gorilla Glue Super Glue on the tip of the skewer and then place pearl/bead on the point (insert the point into the pole).

Cut 3 pennant triangles on the fold in chalkstock (I used my decorative edge scissors to cut the edges). My triangles are 2″ wide at the top/fold and 3″ long.


Place glue allover the inside of the pennant, place skewer in the fold; press both sides of chalkstock together.


Cut (or I just broke them) the skewers to the desired size, at least a few inches long.

When dry, insert into the top of the cone…I mean tree!

What are you lovin' this holiday season?
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This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre


DIY! Burlap and Canvas Family Heirloom Wreath

Trying to capture and preserve my family's heritage is very important to me. It is also difficult. The older generation - the ones who remember World War II, The Great Depression, and beyond that, as it pertains to my family are gone and have been for a long while. So, I take what I can get, what I can find along the way, and do my best to honor and celebrate where I came from.

This Family Heirloom Wreath is one of my favorite ways to remember my family.

You know those projects, those creations you see and you cannot get them out of your mind. They stick with you they speak to you even. Well, when I went to The Craft and Hobby Association Show back in January, I saw one of those pieces at the Canvas Corp booth. Amongst all of the other lovely Canvas Corp goodies was this one amazing wreath that I took about 30 photos of and just kept thinking about. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to replicate this piece.

I have to tell you that the tutorial for this is a little difficult to explain completely,
because the piece becomes so personal and unique.

This is the inspiration piece from the Canvas Corp blog,
designed by Sonya Bookout.

I used photos of my grandmother, her three sisters, and my great grandmother. I have very few photos from my family and these are precious photos and I wanted to find a unique way to display them.

Just imagine this project with baby photos, wedding photos - well, just about anything you want!

(this is what I used anyway)
  • 4 - Canvas Corp 6 x 6 canvas
  • 4 - Canvas Corp 6 x 6 burlap
  • 2 - Canvas Corp 5 x 7 Chunky canvas
  • 2 - Canvas Corp 3 x 3 canvas
  • 1 - Canvas Corp 4 x 4 canvas
  • 1 - Canvas Corp 4 x 4 burlap
  • 1 sheet Canvas Corp chocolate and vanilla dot paper
  • 1 sheet Canvas Corp Handmade collection, script (I want to wall paper a room in this paper...L-O-V-E!)
  • Gorilla Glue 
  • Liquid Stitch
  • Distress Ink: Linen, and Frayed Burlap
  • Canvas Paper, (Office Depot, 10 sheets for approx. $12.00) or I found this on Amazon. I used the Office Depot Paper

  • Scissors
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Scanned images of photos or clip art
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Optional: I use a staple gun to staple the back of the wreath together fro additional strength.
  • Ruler or straight edge

Adornments and Embellishments
I used a variety of embellishments and adornments. Many came from my own stash of vintage and found items. Many of the scrapbook companies carry a nice selection of vintage looking embellishments
  • Buttons (new and vintage)
  • Black felt ribbon (you can cut strips of felt about 5/8" wide and use pinking shears to finish the edges).
  • Old pearls (I used loose pearls and pieces of a broken necklace, including the clasp)
  • Fabric flowers which I made with 1/2" to 1" strips of a linen which I twisted and then wrapped around each other, and finished off with pearls in the center
  • Old Jewelery is great for this project
  • I found the clock face at the craft store for $1.50
  • Old lace pieces (thrift stores and my stash)
  • A mini metal frame (Making Memories)
  • Chipboard chalkboard letters (I sanded the edges for a word look)
  • Old doilies
If you have any specific items you want to know about
I will be happy to answer your questions...just email me!

  • The first step is laying out your wreath and getting a look you want the base of the wreath is the 6 x 6" canvas (4 canvas, 4 burlap). I used a straight edge to keep them lined up and symmetrical (You can make a template on a piece of paper by drawing a big cross and aligning edges to that one point.) The point is just to keep the wreath base symmetrical.
This is my original layout
  • The chunky canvases and smaller ones get stacked on top in diagonal and straight positions depending on your preferences.

  • This part is trial and error and personal preference. I used old family photos, but you can also use clip art or baby images. I really wanted to do one with all wedding photos...but that proved to by, er, difficult.
  • Scan your photos or select clip art
  • Print out images on regular paper to avoid "wasting" the canvas paper - and place them on the wreath in desired positions - you will move them around a bit and it will also determine some canvas placement as well.
  • I started by determining which were my favorite photos and made those fit the canvases that were most prominent - in my case that was the 5 x 7 chunky canvases.
  • Finish deciding which images you want to use and where and then measure and resize in your usual photo editing program.
  • Print photos on Canvas Paper and cut out.

  • Once I had the final photos determined and sized to fit the correct canvas, I used Liquid Stitch to place the photos on the canvases (If you want the edges of the photos distressed, do that before gluing them on to the canvas). Let dry.
  • Distress the edges of the burlap and canvas frame with the Distress Ink. I used Linen first and then darkened it with Frayed Burlap.
Distress edges using distress ink
  • Using the ruler or "template," lay the canvases back out in the correct positions and get out your Gorilla Glue.
Draw a few straight lines on a large piece of paper and as you layout the wreath keep corresponding/matching pieces lined up n the lines to keep the wreath balanced and symmetrical.
  • The Gorilla Glue is super strong and tough enough to hold the canvases together. Remember that it expands so you do not want to use an excessive amount. I applied it to the edges of the canvases where they met up and let it dry overnight.
  • Once dry flip over and reinforce (I did this because it was going to be hanging) with staples (honestly I would have Gorilla Taped it if I did not have a staple gun)
  • Begin adding your adornments. I typically work in adding things in odd numbers and balancing things out, i.e. 2 black items on top right vs. one black accent on bottom/middle left.
Here are some close ups and detail of my embellishments and adornments
Canvas Corp script paper, vintage pearls from a junk sale,
a clock face from the craft store,
and vintage (black earring) from Goodwill.
 Black Felt ribbon, 2 vintage shank buttons, doily (thrift store)
Black felt ribbon, piece of lace trim, button.
Chocolate and vanilla dot paper, image of old letter,
end piece including clasp of a pearl necklace.
Making Memories metal mini frame, jeweled embellishment.
Black felt ribbon, piece of lace trim, buttons.
Vintage lace leaf, 3 vintage "pearls."
Script paper, Chalkboard chipboard letter, distressed with sand paper.
Vintage black earring, memo pins (Tim Hotlz)
End piece of pearl necklace (the string is on purpose!)
3 homemade linen fabric flowers with pearl centers.
These were easy to make  - my first - but I saw some pre-made ones in the jewelry section of the craft store that were nice.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite projects EVER!

So what do you think?
I am going to make my mom cry and make her a wreath for Mothers Day!

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
This post has been made possible by Canvas Corp!

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