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Harvest Table and Designing Ideas

When I hear the term "Tabletop", I get all dreamy eyed and my mind starts creating and dreaming up inventive ways to do things, and well, I get a little caught up trying to create something really special - my wedding planner mentality takes over - and I spend days fretting over what to do. Visions of lighting and draping and chandeliers, and custom linens...well, you get the picture.

Fall Tablescape by Holly Lefevre of 504 Main

I truly enjoy creating a beautiful tablescape or event space.
It is one of the things that makes me so happy and really inspires my creativity.
I love creating spaces outdoors, perhaps because I am from coastal California where the weather is pretty much the same year round.
I also love creating tables with texture, interest, unexpected surprise...and most of all tables that look rich and expensive...but are not!

Fall Tablescape by Holly Lefevre of 504 Main

You have to see the rest...click on READ MORE!


Quickie Vase Project with Wallpaper for Windows

Hey there!
Today is the last day of the Wallpaper for Windows giveaway
(did you enter yet???)
but yesterday I had this idea…
and I tried it and I kind of love it…
and I love the possibilities of it…
so I had to share!
rosemary vase
I used the trim to size service for my projects with the Avalon design…
but in my package came a few strips of “extra” Wallpaper for Windows. I just could not leave it alone! I knew somehow I could incorporate Wallpaper for Windows into entertaining or event d├ęcor.
trio up close

Ultimately I ended up making two tall pedestal vases for my buffet…but I am imagining tall cylindrical vases covered in the beautiful patterns Wallpaper for Windows carries. Best part is, you can easily change it up if you want…I love it – changeable design!


  • Wallpaper for Windows
  • Vase – cylindrical vases that are not tapered will work best.
  • Soapy water in a spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • paper towels
  • X-ACTO knife, ruler, cutting mat

close up window

1. I purchased 2 vases from Pier 1- I tried Goodwill, but they had nothing to accommodate my needs (oh my!)…well, they had one open-ended cylindrical piece, and I bought it…but I wanted vases too!

2. Determine the width for the Wallpaper for Windows "stripes" and cut.

3. Dry fit the strips around the vase and determine placement. Trim length if necessary. Determine if you want the patterns to match up when you wrap them around vase (See #10).


4. Clean vases well. Then try to avoid touching with fingers as much as possible.

5. Spray vase with soapy water.

squirt water

6. Remove backing from Wallpaper for Windows, and place on vase, wrapping around until the ends meet.

place on wet surface
7. Repeat for the second (and third or fourth strips). I just did 2 per vases.

8. NOTE: I aligned my ends on all strips so there would be one side with all of the cuts – my patterns did not match up at the end cuts, but it did not bother me.

9. NOTE: I DID try to align my strips so that the patterns matched up around the vase. See how they “match up” like if I squished them together it would make a complete pattern.
rosemary vase

10. Spray with soapy water and smooth out. Because of the surface and nature of the project, I did not really use a squeegee to smooth the Wallpaper for Windows out. instead, I sort of wrapped paper towels around the vase and squeezed.

11. Carefully dry! The wallpaper for windows will move while it is wet.

three vases

So, what do you think? It is kind of funky and fun…

vase close up
and I can see this on votive holder, candle holder, covering vases…
so excited to try this for a wedding or event!
vase bottom view

Now…head over and enter the Wallpaper for Windows GIVEAWAY!

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Disclosure: Wallpaper for Windows was provided to me for review and giveaway.


LOVIN' The Renegade Craft Fair

A couple of weeks ago, 3 of my long time friends and I
stole away for a girls weekend to celebrate our birthdays.
It was a huge weekend for us...
one of the girls moved away 4 years ago and
we have not all been together since
(heck, this was the first time I have seen her since!).

As we were planning, I discovered that the Renegade Craft Fair
was going to be in L.A. that weekend
(this was also Carmageddon weekend...
the great L.A. freeway tragedy that never happened).
So, what else is there to do, but hit the Fair!
Giddy! Giddy! Giddy! I was!
I think - I know - I was the most excited.

The Fair was held at the L.A. State Historic Park in/near downtown - lived there my whole life...never heard of it! But if it is near downtown - we got this in the bag...I also had a little walk down memory lane - years of school and work there - it all came flooding back. Then we happened upon the park..it was lovely!

Now, I have been trying to get to the Renegade Craft Fair up in San Fransisco and have never made it, so I was beyond myself to finally be at one...and it did not disappoint. So many creative, artistic, inventive minds! I also enjoyed seeing what my friends reacted to as they do not ready crafty blogs "all day" and I suppose I am the craftiest of them...I liked hearing what they thought was fun, new and interesting.
Here's my recap of my faves:

This was my splurge -
I knew if I did not buy one of these I would regret it.
"modern porcelain with a vintage beat"
Yep...a vintage jar re-done in porcelain...LOVE!
Then I saw Zooguu - a collection of plush handmade toys to steal you heart. I had the hardest time deciding...I ended up with a small pink octopus - she is sweet! The owner, Jen was absolutely fabulous too! I see a go-to place for many, many gifts in my future. There are also free kiddo activities to download from the site.
In the same booth as Zooguu was Jen's husband,
Brian Gubicza who had the coolest art illustrations.
I picked up his version of Medusa. Love her!
He has fun free stuff on his site too!

Hi style is fabulous...you must go take a peek!
(image from Brian's site)
I almost fell over when I saw the sweetness at Le Petit Elefant -
my friend actually saw her first and said I MUST go visit.

What a fabulous collection of toys, illustrations, and ideas.
Oh boy I love this style.
How cute is that balloon floating above the booth -
that is how to do balloons people!
Oh the jewelry of Kendra Renee made me go weak in the knees.
She has a gorgeous selection of necklaces, earrings - you name it.
I truly wanted one of each!
I love me some bath products....
Ella + Billie create luxury artisan bath products.
Oh the scent of heaven was in her booth.
Laura Cooke Ceramics was definitely one of my favorite booths -
sadly I ran out of time and did not make it back to purchase anything that day...
THANKFULLY I have the Internet to rectify that!
 (image from Laura Cooke Ceramics etsy shop)

Isn't that gorgeous!?
There is a pitcher that I am putting on my Christmas list!
I also loved Ark Collective...a socially responsible company - for every pack you buy one is given to a student in need on your behalf - AWESOME! I did not pick a pack up that day because my son is very specific and I want him to pick. But what an amazing idea!
 (image from Ark Collective site)
School starts next week and these reusable sandwich and snack bags from graze organic are going to be perfect. Look how fun they are. Each kid got their own little collection!
OK, so some highly crafted food product was their. p.o.p. candy was truly fun, unique, and delicious. P.O.P. is all natural candy made from clean ingredients.
I bought Fire Pistachio Butter Crunch, Rosemary Almond, and p.o.p. mixed butter crunch.
I see holiday gifts in my future!
As we were heading out, we spied it...the Moveable Type Truck -  a 1982 Chevy Step Van - and inside was real letterpress...I made this awesome bag!  Ooooo...Letterpress makes me swoon.
 (sorry...scary photo!)
I just wanted to share some of the great things I found at the Renegade Craft Fair.
I have no affiliation with any of these companies or people above. I just happened upon them at the Fair and loved what they did...and they were all super nice too! No compensation involved! Good product, good peeps deserve some recognition!

The December show in SF is on my calendar!
Can't wait!


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