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Rainbow Peek-a-Boo Star Bunting (Die Cut)

Almost every week, my daughter asks me too make something for her teacher or classroom. Once I dared question her about this, to which she replied "You are the crafty one, think of something?" (Yes, there was attitude, but it was also pretty darn funny).
This week she wants something for St. Patrick's Day. So, I got out my Lifestyle Crafts Evolution Die Cutter and got started on a cute Rainbow Bunting.


How to Pretty Up a Package

These days I find myself celebrating a lot of milestone birthdays for friends and family.
For these special birthdays, I like to present a pretty package.
Now, one of my "very serious" faults is that I cannot wrap a package for the life of me.
I try...but my corners are never right, there is tape everywhere - you get the picture, right?
So I have taken to embellishing and creating fun ways to pretty up and personalize packages (to divert attention from my other wrapping faults)! 

Pretty Packaging with Lifestyle Crafts by 504 Main

Using  my Lifestyle Crafts Dies and Evolution Die Cutter, plus some fun chevron washi tape and miniature pom poms...and anything else I can think of, it is easy to create pretty packages for those special people in your life.


Pretty Paper Rosettes: A Centerpiece Accessory

I love to throw a PARTY!
No seriously, I would probably have a party every night, for any reason...if I could! After many years of planing parties and wedding for other people, I delight in entertaining my friends. I love to create intimate environments full of unique touches. I like my every day occasions to be special but not overdone, and this idea for centerpieces is a perfect example of something that is so easy to put together but has great impact. I used if for Christmas (even thought we might have eaten dinner in our jammies!) and will be using it for New Years and through the winter...and well, knowing me even into the Spring!

Pretty Paper Rosette Centerpiece Accessory by 504 Main


Idea Book: Boy Edition

It is so easy - way too easy -
to make pretty sparkly things for myself or my girlie.
I am on a never-ending quest to make things - or try to make things - 
that an eleven year old boy will think is "OK" enough to use.
Well, with this project, I may have done it.
It is simple, purposeful, and not sparkly.

My son's head is FULL of ideas (hmmm...wonder where he got that from?).
He is always asking...
"Can you make a note of this?"
"Can you remember...?"
"I'd like to...?"
"I have an idea for...?"

I am tired of sticky notes everywhere...and they get lost...so now,
he has his own personalized notebook to keep track
of his many brilliant ideas, thoughts, and whatever!

I used a simple three ring binder...and wait for it...
the coolest product (EVER) to create this notebook 
 - Shape N' Tape sheets from Lifestyle Crafts.
You know us bloggers and crafters love our tape...
well now we can get it in 6" x 12" sheets - yes SHEETS!

 Shape N' Tape Sheets
"Decorative rolls of tape just got a full size make over! With 6”x12” Shape ‘n Tape sheets, you have the freedom to cut out any shape using cutting dies or scissors. Have unlimited options to shape your creativity. Look for Lifestyle Crafts Tape It cutting die kit (sold separately) which includes 18 cutting dies designed specifically to cut out Shape ‘n Tape sheets!" (Lifestyle Crafts)

Of course using this in a die cutter is amazing...
but just to show you that you do NOT need a die cutter
to use the Shape N' Tape, I traced letters onto the sheets
and cut his name out by hand  - we can all do that, right?

I then pulled out the Epic to cut some shapes- I had to test it out! I simply used the nesting circles to play with. I played with placement a bit.

For this project, I eventually used only one circle
and cut strips of the Shape N' Tape Sheets.
I then simply peel the backing off and applied my design to the notebook!

We filled it with lined paper and now Joe has a cool
(at least in my opinion) place to organize his thoughts.

Now, I cannot wait to create more with Shape N' Tape! FUN!
It comes in great colors, including
I think I need all of the colors!

Shape N' Tape sheets work perfectly with the Tape It Die Kit,
"18 tape dies perfect for creating tags & cards, party & wedding details,
scrapbook pages, school projects, journals, home decor and more!" (Lifestyle Crafts)

Be sure to use the code "504Main"
to take advantage of the 20% discount

 This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: dies and shape n tape were provided to me. I am a lifestyle crafts affiliate and I LOVE their products.


Tooth Fairy Mailbox

My daughter is a little bit obsessed with the tooth fairy.
I have mentioned before how she leave notes,
draws pictures, and asks the tooth fairy a bunch of questions.
Well, the tooth fairy is having a really hard time finding those things under her pillow at night...in fact sometimes she cannot for fear of waking a sleeping child...
so I have come up with a solution...a 

And since tooth fairies are teeny tiny and the tooth fairy's secret hiding place is becoming very full, anything Jules leaves for the tooth fairy has to fit in the mailbox!

I used the Mailbox Die from Lifestyle Crafts as the base for this cute little mailbox.
image: Lifestyle Crafts

I used the mailbox die in my Epic 6 but their dies can be
used is a wide range of manual die cutters.

The sweet mailbox is part of the new Love Notes Collection
- get ready for Valentines day NOW!
image: Lifestyle Crafts

To make the tooth fairy mailbox, just use what you have on hand - you know each tooth fairy has their own style...ours likes glitters and flowers and ruffles. I did make one aother version using some artwork we had...I think it is pretty cute too!


I pulled out my arsenal of girly things and got to work creating this magical sparkly mailbox (under the supervision of Jules of course!).
I kind of want to make a boy mailbox now!


  • Lifestyle Crafts Mailbox die
  • Manual Die Cutter (Epic 6)
  • Chip board/cardboard/cereal box
  • 1-2 sheets of (quality) decorative paper
  • small decorative brads
  • hole punch
  • paint brush/foam brush
I used a variety of glues and adhesives for my project, you can get away with using less or other products. I just felt certain glues worked better for certain situations.
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun
  • E-6000
  • Mod Podge, matte
  • Spray Adhesive

  • Small glass jar
  • 2 chip board circles (or thicker cardboard circle) - I used all three (see how to below)
  • (E-6000 and Mod Podge for glue)

  • Glitter (specifically I used Martha Stewart Crafts Rich Essential Glitter)
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Paper flowers (Recollection brand Floral Embellishments) 
  • Ribbon
  • Lace/trim
  • hole punch
  • Velcro circles

NOTES: Be sure to protect your surfaces when using glue and spray adhesive!
  • Glitter the inside of your jar (see the floor polish/glitter method I learned from The Single Nester)
  •  Cut circles out of chip board or cardboard. I cut 2 chip board circles but felt I needed more substance so I also added a cardboard backing for strength. Glue them together using Mod Podge.

  • Once dry, apply Mod Podge to the top of the circle and then sprinkle all over with glitter - I left a blank space in the center because that is where the mailbox was going to go and no point in wasting glitter! (be sure to tap glitter off onto a clean piece of paper or paper towel so you can save the excess.)

  • I used crepe paper streamers and ran a line of hot glue along the edge of the cardboard base. I did it a few inches at a time and simple ruffles the streamer as I went - not perfect but it worked and was easy! (see above photo)
  • I applied some lace trim because I wanted to and because it covered the hot glue line.
  • Apply E-6000 to the rim of the glass jar and center it on the back (un-glittered side) of the base. 
  • Let dry.

  • Cut the mailbox out using your die cutter. I cut one chipboard set and one set out of decorative paper. I wanted my mailbox to be durable.
  • I also cut one mailbox door in a matching paper so that when the door was opened there was pretty paper.
  •  I then used spray adhesive to apply the paper to the mailbox.
  • Assemble the main portion of the mailbox - fold along perforated lines and around the top over - with the chipboard I went slowly to round it so that it did not crease but rounded more smoothly.

  • Glue the lip to the bottom (using hot glue)
  • Fold back along perforated line and using a combination of hot glue and Mod Podge, insert into the back of the mailbox and let dry.
  • I then Mod Podged the entire outside of the mailbox and let it dry.

  • I felt like my mailbox was not sparkly enough ---I used a paintbrush, Mod Podge, and glitter and painted some areas of the printed paper and applied glitter to those areas.
  • I still wanted more glitter so I sprayed the entire mailbox with spray adhesive and sprinkled white glitter all over...the print still shows through but now the entire mailbox sparkled. 

  • I punched a hole in the front of the mailbox and ran a ribbon in through the front, tying a knot on the inside of the mailbox door to hold the ribbon in place. I ran the ribbon across the top of the mail box and on the back side applied a velcro circle (one side on the mailbox, one side on the ribbon) for easy opening and closing. I finished it off with the paper flower embellishments.

  • For the flag, I wrapped a piece of ribbon over the top for a flag, added some of the Recollections flowers and fastened it to the mailbox, using the holes cut with the die, with a decorative brad.

  • I used my hot glue (but you could use other glue) to glue the mailbox to the base - I centered the mailbox on the base.
  • Then, using hot glue again (but you could use other glue) added a small piece of lace trim to the base of the mailbox.
  • To finish it off, I glue a few of the paper flowers together and added some glitter in the center and placed them on the mailbox and base.

  • Finally, I added some paper shreds (just because it looked cute) and my little girlie wrote the tooth fairy a note! 

Be sure to check out the Love Notes Release and
USE the code 504main to get 20% off your order at Lifestyle Crafts!

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre
disclosure: I received product and am an affiliate of Lifestyle Crafts


Rustic and Repurposed Holiday Card Display

Guess what?
Until today I had ZERO holiday decorations out.
Well, technically we had cute little snowmen, but we ate them.

But today I finished a cute holiday card display.
(and wrapped 5 gifts!)
I have never done much with my cards before -
I just stick the cards on the mirror.
(so am I going to get kicked out of blog world now?)

I actually have decided to put the tree in a new location this year, meaning I can decorate my living room a little differently than usual, and I will be going at little more rustic in the family room (at least that is the plan - all subject to change).

OK, enough of the ramblings...it is the tired and coffee talking.
Let me show you my little and simple creation!

First, I had these sweet dies from the
Lifestyle Crafts Knotty and Nice collection.

I love bows...I mean love bows,
so I was so excited to get to use them! 
(and these dies work in all manual die cutters too)



This is so simple - really. You won't believe it!

1. Clean the trellis - if you are like me and it has been outside

2. Reinforce the trellis if necessary - mine was/is a little cockeyed, but I am sticking with it. I also cute the middle stake off a bit.

3. Cut 4 lengths of jute cord to the measurement of the horizontal bars on the trellis.

4. Use a staple gun (you can glue it too), and staple the cord to the horizontal bars - be sure to line up the staples/cord end where you want it to end (the bows will cover the staples). Do this on both sides to all four bars (my trellis has 4 bars, yours may have more).

5. Staple one end of the jute cord to the back side of the trellis and begin wrapping it around the trellis. I made about three loops for each section of the trellis.

6. I secured the newly wrapped cord to the trellis with the staple gun in a few places on the back.

7. Run the die through your die cutter. I was able to get 2 bows out of each 6" x 12' piece of paper. You need 8 bows (more if you like more bows).

8. Assemble the bows. I used a corsage pin poked through the back (leaving the pearl on the underside) and wrap and secure the loops using the pin. Once all placed, stick a small decorative bard through the top (going through all layers)  and open in the back. I have big ole fingers and can do this - you can too!

9. Place Sticky Thumb Adhesive on the back of each bow and then adhere them over the staples on the eight points of the trellis.

10. It should look a little like this.

11. Hang it - Display it: You can staple gun in a loop of jute cord for a hanger or use a picture hanger attached to the back.

12. Add clothespins all over - at your discretion and start filling it up with your cards! (I picked up these vintage beauties for $1 at a local vintage Fair called Pickings!)

Don't forget - Lifestyle Crafts has a few Black Friday Deals, like the Holly Jolly Craft Kit that are good through 11/30/12
and be sure to
use the code 504main 
for an additional 20% discount! 

Did you notice I wrapped a few gifts sing the jute cord and another Knotty and Nice bow die? Woo -whoo I am so ahead of the Christmas craziness (at least for the moment!)

How do you display your cards?????

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: some products were supplied to me by Lifestyle Crafts.
Affiliate links are provided in this post. 
All opinions are 100% my own - I dig this tool!
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