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The Buffet...an Entertaining Essential

We entertain a lot....it is not always formal, in fact I am more than happy to make a sweep of the house, throw everything in the laundry room and have good friends over for a game night or a crafting afternoon (sometimes I do freak about cleaning the bathroom).
One thing is for sure there is always a lot of scrumptious food!
I am really tired of it always on the kitchen counter. I would love a place, a buffet or sideboard for my home where I could stash all of those entertaining essentials, that would also function as a dedicated serving space. I almost think this is a necessity in my quest for totally home organization (which is going quite slowly by the way!).

In my current home, I do not have a lot of room for a big piece of furniture, nor do I want anything too fussy. Function is key if I am adding any furniture into my home right now.

This simple sideboard in distressed brown has storage, it is not too big-not too small, fits in perfectly with my decor, and also has surface area for hors d'oeuvres and other goodies.

On the other hand a sideboard with wine storage, bigger cabinets, and a little more surface for displaying and serving. I was also drawn to the lighter color. The style is a little different than some of my other pieces, but I am in a design transition now (that is a fancy way of saying - I am tired of some of the stuff!), so it could work.

Oh and then I saw this gorgeous Jessica McClintock Buffet 
(I may have had a dress or two designed by Ms. McClintock in my day!)
I fell in L-O-V-E!
It is not simple, but it is glamorous and gorgeous!

So, tell me how do you entertain?
Are you formal, casual, afraid to invite people over at the spur of the moment?

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Summer Means Grilling!

The Summer weather is pretty miserable here...
lots of fog, about 60 degrees (if we are lucky)
but it is summer, so I try to make it as Summery as possible
for the kids! We all have to eat and to me
summer means grilling so, grilling it is!

I grew up grilling hamburgers, steaks, and chicken,
but it is my turn to share these memories with my own family.
Of course that means a great grill is in order.
I have a "thing" for all things shiny,
and a grill is definitely one of those shiny things!

This is a beautiful Weber natural gas grill that I kind of go ga-ga over.
It has a burner, smoker, and rotisserie burner - what more could I ask for!

If I had the space to create an outdoor kitchen,
I would definitely be in the market for a built-in grill
to be a part of it (a girl can dream, right?).
Isn't this set up gorgeous! One day...one day.

Or then I again, I keep hearing for "reliable sources"
that you need to have a real, old-fashioned charcoal grill
(maybe with a few modern touches) to enjoy a true BBQ!
I do love the idea of some authentic BBQ!
(some yummy grilled veggies sound great right now!)

So now I ask you, how do you grill?
What is your favorite thing to grill?
Personally we love to grill pizzas!


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Getting Serious About the Sofa

When hubby and I got married,
he had a brown sectional from his college days (ewww!)
and I had a floral slip-covered hand-me-down number.
We each despised the others sofa.
Bye-Bye they both went.
That was the easy part.

Finding a new sofa set was the hard part.
I was looking for slip-covered Shabby Chic easy elegance...
he was looking for slick "Moda Italia" bachelor black leather.
Neither of us got what we wanted...
first we purchased an inexpensive set and lived with that for awhile,
then another set...a compromise that led to an "OK" set,
with the ugliest fabric that was reminiscent of the 80's (it was 2002).

I eventually has this set cut up, transformed and reupholstered...I loved it...but they did an awful job and 2 years into the new look, it began to fall apart (we moved they went out of business...no recourse). It still lives with us - holes, tears and all -
and I am ready to be DONE with it.
Oh no, not sofa shopping with hubby again!

I think we could both skip the leather now...it is too cold here for leather. We need something comfy, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing - I am not as willing to "give in" this time. I have a much more defined plan (plans) than in the past. I am also steering away from a set (way back when I thought you had to buy sets...not anymore!)

I found this upholstered sofa. I like it very much...not fussy, simple lines, and it looks comfy...oh and the light color would brighten up my room!

I will have to say, I do love the idea of a sleeper sofa...just in case.
The darker color could hide a lot of little fingerprints!

Or then I get a little crazy and I think no sofa at all, just 3 of these chair and 1/2's placed in a circle around the fire place with a great coffee table in the center.
(This is my personal favorite idea and hubby thinks I am looney!)
Opinions? New ideas?
What do you love about your sofa?


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The Guest Bedroom

When we moved into our current house, a guest bedroom was on my must-have list.
It was the first time I was moving away from the city I grew up in
and I really, really thought it was essential, especially so that the grandparents
could come and stay for extended periods of time.

Well, I got that bedroom and we threw the extra furniture in there,
including the bottom of my sons bunk set (a double bed/single combo set).
He was only four then and the twin was all he needed...
well he is 10 now and quickly outgrowing the twin.
So, it is time to move the double bed downstairs
and give him the space he needs.

That leaves us with the issue of needing a bed for the guests.
And maybe this will inspire me to fix up the room a little too
(it just may have the underwater themed wallpaper border
from the last homeowners up still...just maybe!).

I found these amazing platform beds and I really like the style of them...
simple, classic and chic! My guests would be so happy on a bed like this.

Better yet, I discovered a huge selection of platform beds with storage.
Now you are speaking my language!
Form + function - perfection!

Some of my favorite selections are:

(heck I think I want this for my own room!)

The design is classic, the storage amazing, and a great price!
I do like to leave books and magazines upstairs for the
guest to peek at when they need a break from
the craziness of the rest of the house.

This sleek and clean design of this bed in an Espresso Finish 
is another option that catches my eye

Well, I am feeling a little guilty, maybe my son just needs a new bed.
We are getting ready to makeover his room too
(he's been asking for a big boy room for year now).
Look at this gorgeous storage bed -
room for all of his treasures and books and, well, stuff!
Man, my house is in transition right now...hope I can keep up!

Is there anything special you do for your guests?
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Coffee Table Woes Solved

Being the romantic that I am, I once gave my husband a coffee table for Christmas. Not because he was begging for one, but because I thought the townhouse needed one. That was years ago, many years ago. We have since outgrown that townhouse and that little coffee table has tagged along, but it is time for a change.

As soon as this book is done, I have a laundry list of things to accomplish, but high on that list is my (already very delayed) family room makeover. I typically tend to mix and match different furniture but this room already serves so many functions, I am looking for a Coffee Table Set. I think the rooms need some consistency and a set will provide a nice cohesive element.

However, have I mentioned the trouble I have selecting furniture. Mainly because knowing my hubby, I will have it FOREVER...which if I make the right decision is fine.

I have been looking around and found a few different sets - all quite different that appeal to me.

This Three Piece Occasional set is quite lovely and traditional. I like the clean lines, but is it too traditional for me? Will I be upset the first time a hot wheels car gets dragged across it?

This beautiful Kathy Ireland Home set would be high on the list...It has storage and I always need more storage! I love the slightly distressed finish too - that would make those scratches that I know are coming fit right in for sure!
Tables with glass insets are another option. I love the idea of the freshness of the glass - in spite of the fact that I would be cleaning little fingerprints constantly. I love the feeling the glass offers.

I wonder what I can talk hubby into?

Anyone have any advice on what they like or
do not like in their coffee and end tables?


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I Dream of a FAB Workspace

There are two areas of my house that are extremely neglected
(OK, I am not counting the garage!).
The first is my master bedroom (so sad!) and
the second is my office or creative space.
I actually have a hard time calling it a creative space....
there is no space...and it does not inspire creativity!

When I was a wedding planner one of my first purchases was a gorgeous
computer desk. It was big and lovely and there was plenty of room for me to write and plan and organize everyone's weddings.

We moved to a new home and I had a great office space - right in the middle of the house, fabulous skylight, easy access - I painted it and fancied it up just a bit. I was not crafting at this point, so a true creative "I-can-make-a-mess" space was not necessary. Then...I got pregnant and this needed to be the baby's room.

I moved the true office upstairs into the guest area of the house, but it was not as easily accessible as the other locale. Slowly but surely part of the office made it's way to the family room. I currently have my laptop, my organizer and some (too many) files, idea books, and magazines on a table in there. It is convenient, but I cannot turn off blog brain/computer brain/writer brain...I am always looking at it....and if I can see it, it haunts me...and it does not look that pretty either.

I am in the process of revamping the family room
and would love to include a gorgeous home organization center -
if I call it that I feel like I can justify how much we need this -
"See honey, it says HOME...not just HOLLY!"
(think hubby will go for it?)

I also really love this ebony computer armoire is gorgeous too.
I tend to be drawn to ebony right now.
(if all goes well, ebony will be the accent color in the new room)

I will have to say, and bear with me, because I am now going in a completely different direction that this drop lid workstation in worn white is also pretty darn gorgeous!

All so different eh?
Wonder why it takes me so long to pull everything together - oh my brain!

I would be over the moon with any of these computer armoires.
It would make my work space look so tidy and put together...
and I could pack it all up, shut the doors, and concentrate on the crafting and the creativity that often gets sidetracked by my love of the computer!

Anyone have any tips on creating a great workspace?
I am going full force with all of these plans as soon as
my book is finished and sent to the publisher.

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All I Need Is Outdoor Light

I grew up in Los Angeles.
There was plenty of light to go around...streetlights,
lights on signs, you name it.
Even when it was dark outside, it was still light.
When we moved to our current home,
my son (who was 4) looked at the sky and said,
"Mommy, they have stars here."

So, yes, I went from the land of lights to having one street light on our entire block. It gets very dark here. Dark is OK, but when we entertain, as we often do, that is a wee bit of a problem at night.

When we moved in to this house there was some sort of light fixture on a termite infested wood post - it was ugly and it did not work, except when it was in the mood. We got rid of that beauty and 6 years later have done nothing about any outdoor lighting.

But I am feeling in the mood to start sprucing up the outside again (we have had sunshine and that makes me want to BBQ and hang out on the deck.) In the front yard, my main concern is safety, but I want it to look pretty of course!

I definitely see a need for some lighting down the path and near the front fence where the guest park. These post lanterns would be the perfect touch!

And no porch would be complete without an outdoor chandelier. This has been on my must have list for ages. Maybe if I finish grouting the tile (from last year) I can talk hubby into it!

We actually have some lighting in the backyard, so for deck area, it is more about "pretty." These clamp torch candle holders make me want to have a party NOW! I can imagine how gorgeous they would be all lit up at night, as we sit by the firepit, roasting marshmallows, drinking mochas, and listening to the ocean. DIVINE!

Once all the necessities are done, I think I want to add a couple of these outdoor table lamps to my wish list. Aren't they gorgeous! They don't match my regular decor, but I think that is what I really like about them! Quirky and fun and unexpected!

Better outdoor lighting is the first step to creating my dream outdoor room!
Anyone have any lighting tips?
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My Kitchen is Looking for a Cart

When I remodeled my kitchen last year I desperately wanted an island...a breakfast bar...anything, something for some extra counter and storage space. You know what everyone told me...No...No...No. Guess what? I did not get one and I have not forgotten...I long for my island. I have moved on...I have found a solution...now I want a gorgeous kitchen cart.

Oh, I have been thinking about this long and hard...and I am "this close" to convincing hubby this is a good idea...no more than a good idea...a must have for our kitchen. It just seems like a kitchen island cart is the perfect solution to my dreams in both style and functionality.

Now to make a decision...I adore this stainless steel kitchen island cart, but I am not too sure if it is a tad modern for my kitchen or if the juxtaposition of its stainless steel top and clean design is what my kitchen is begging for. Oh and did I mention...it is on casters! L-O-V-E!
So many possibilities I can easily see this Breakfast Bar in my kitchen. I imagine the kids doing homework here while I make dinner...I imagine setting out hors d'oeuvres on it when we have game night...and yes, I would be crafting on it too!
So many gorgeous options...and any of them would be the finishing touch to my kitchen (which is almost one year old now!).

So what do you think...anyone have a kitchen cart or an island. Isn't it a must have for the modern kitchen?

All photos courtesy of cymax
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Dreaming of New Dining Room Chairs!

My furniture is a mixture of old and new.
I like the eclectic blend and let's face it...I love a deal.
My dining room table is from a dear friend.
About the same time I moved they moved back to England
and found it easier to sell their furniture than move it across the pond.
She knew just where to go, as I had eyed and ogled it for sometime...
and I got quite the price...
and better yet it reminds my of her and her sweet family.
The only drawback...the dining room chairs were weak...and now it has only taken me about 5 years to get looking for new dining room seating. Seriously, the current chairs are a safety hazard - pretty to look at, but scary to sit in. I have considered taking them apart and re-gluing and reinforcing...but it really does not seem worth the effort...I am not sure it would actually help anyway (it has been done once already!). So on the hunt I go for new dining room chairs.
I am thinking that a couple dining room chairs with arms would mix nicely with some armless chairs...but a fun banquette would be a great design detail too - and my kids would think it was cool! My current chairs are all wood with leather seats but I think to brighten the room up a color like white would be fabulous too.
We spend a lot of time at the table when we have game night, so it is a priority to find dining room chairs that are comfortable...maybe some gorgeous upholstered chairs  - ones that invite our guests to sit and stay awhile.
I am not going to lie, I am slightly challenged in the home decor area...
and that challenge is my hubby - boy does he have opinions!
But if I can find some great dining room chairs, at a great price,
maybe, just maybe I can convince him to go for it...
and besides I am ready for a freshen up in the dining room...
(that white party is inspiring me)
after all it is right next to my kitchen that we redid last year!
And I did just paint the dining room...
although my hubby has not noticed...go figure.
P.S. Notice - no photos of my dining room - it is nothing to look at yet...I am working on some window treatments...and then I will show you my new paint color...and maybe, just maybe some new dining room seating!
All photos from Cymax
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