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Rustic and Repurposed Holiday Card Display

Guess what?
Until today I had ZERO holiday decorations out.
Well, technically we had cute little snowmen, but we ate them.

But today I finished a cute holiday card display.
(and wrapped 5 gifts!)
I have never done much with my cards before -
I just stick the cards on the mirror.
(so am I going to get kicked out of blog world now?)

I actually have decided to put the tree in a new location this year, meaning I can decorate my living room a little differently than usual, and I will be going at little more rustic in the family room (at least that is the plan - all subject to change).

OK, enough of the ramblings...it is the tired and coffee talking.
Let me show you my little and simple creation!

First, I had these sweet dies from the
Lifestyle Crafts Knotty and Nice collection.

I love bows...I mean love bows,
so I was so excited to get to use them! 
(and these dies work in all manual die cutters too)



This is so simple - really. You won't believe it!

1. Clean the trellis - if you are like me and it has been outside

2. Reinforce the trellis if necessary - mine was/is a little cockeyed, but I am sticking with it. I also cute the middle stake off a bit.

3. Cut 4 lengths of jute cord to the measurement of the horizontal bars on the trellis.

4. Use a staple gun (you can glue it too), and staple the cord to the horizontal bars - be sure to line up the staples/cord end where you want it to end (the bows will cover the staples). Do this on both sides to all four bars (my trellis has 4 bars, yours may have more).

5. Staple one end of the jute cord to the back side of the trellis and begin wrapping it around the trellis. I made about three loops for each section of the trellis.

6. I secured the newly wrapped cord to the trellis with the staple gun in a few places on the back.

7. Run the die through your die cutter. I was able to get 2 bows out of each 6" x 12' piece of paper. You need 8 bows (more if you like more bows).

8. Assemble the bows. I used a corsage pin poked through the back (leaving the pearl on the underside) and wrap and secure the loops using the pin. Once all placed, stick a small decorative bard through the top (going through all layers)  and open in the back. I have big ole fingers and can do this - you can too!

9. Place Sticky Thumb Adhesive on the back of each bow and then adhere them over the staples on the eight points of the trellis.

10. It should look a little like this.

11. Hang it - Display it: You can staple gun in a loop of jute cord for a hanger or use a picture hanger attached to the back.

12. Add clothespins all over - at your discretion and start filling it up with your cards! (I picked up these vintage beauties for $1 at a local vintage Fair called Pickings!)

Don't forget - Lifestyle Crafts has a few Black Friday Deals, like the Holly Jolly Craft Kit that are good through 11/30/12
and be sure to
use the code 504main 
for an additional 20% discount! 

Did you notice I wrapped a few gifts sing the jute cord and another Knotty and Nice bow die? Woo -whoo I am so ahead of the Christmas craziness (at least for the moment!)

How do you display your cards?????

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disclosure: some products were supplied to me by Lifestyle Crafts.
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All opinions are 100% my own - I dig this tool!
 Happy Hour Linky Party


Tower of Treats! Serve Up Some Yumminess

I love sweets! I love making them and serving them. I am always looking for new ways to display and serve them. I received a Cupcake Tree from Canvas Corp. This is a fun and cute 3 tiered tower for serving cupcakes...but it is good for so many things...

I used it at my Bridesmaids party for candies and treats...
I also made another for the mini cupcakes at the SoCal Social...
And now I am using if for Christmas!

I think it is adorable for serving just about anything...but can you imagine how cute this would be for a cookie exchange...and guess what I have New years Eve Plans for it too! 

  • Cupcake Tree from Canvas Corp.
  • Decorative paper (without flocking or glitter - plain is best). I used scrap book paper (and I used Canvas Corp paper for the Cookies Tower)
  • Scissors and or X-ACTO knife
  • Adhesive: I used hot glue and a glue stick
  • Trim for all: I used - Canvas Corp corrugated paper - white - 12x12,  a distress ink pad, black grossgrain ribbon, lightweight craft paper.
A. For  the Bridesmaid party: a rosette of the craft paper and a vintage graphic.
Chocolates and candies at the Parisian Themed Bridesmaids party

 B. For the SoCal Social - canvas paper printed with the hibiscus "logo."
Mini Cupcakes at the SoCal Social
 C. For the Holiday Treat Tower - Canvas Corp paper, rosettes cut with my Lifestyle Crafts Epic 6, buttons.  
Cookies and boxes of surprise treats for the holidays!


The Tree comes already cut and ready to be put together - you get to decorate it to match your event. As much as I wanted to add glitter and sparkle, I did not. I used only accessories that would not interfere with the food or taint the food (no glitter or fuzzy trim). Here is how to make it!

Go read all about how to create a fun and fabulous Cupcake Tree (or Tower of Treats!) at The DIY Club!

DIY Club

What is Your Favorite cookie???
Disclosure: Some products have been provided to me through The DIY Club. See my disclosure policy by clicking "disclosure" in the top navigation bar


DIY! Game Night Typography Table Runner

Hold on to your seat people...
this is NOT a holiday craft
(it could be an awesome gift though!).
Around here, one of our big social activities is Game Night.
We generally do this a 2-3 times a month with 2 other couples.
he kids all get along and look forward to our get-togethers,
the adults all love hanging out with each other,
and there is always good food and good fun!
I was thinking it would be fun to have some decor that I could use every time it is my turn to host...and then I received 2 products - stencils and canvas place mats - from The DIY Club that, at least in my mind, seemed to go together like chocolate and peanut butter.
I actually loved this project so much I made 2 projects using the same ideas and principles. You can see my place mats over at The DIY Club!

DIY Club
Here is the Table runner DIY!

  • Canvas Corp Table Runner
  • DecoArt Americana Stencils, 5" Stencil Font Alphabet. They have other sizes and styles too...as well as other designs if you don't want "words."
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic in Ebony*
  • DecoArt Fabric Painting Medium*
  • *NOTE: You can use So Soft Fabric Paint in Lamp Black in lieu of the Americana Acrylic/Fabric Painting Medium.
  • Fabric Stencil Brush...I used a foam pouncer
  • Paper Towels
  • Plate or bowl for mixing paint
1. Wash the runner and press it prior to painting.
2. Determine your words/wording, and measure or make a template to ensure it fits.
3. Layout the words for placement - I used the stencils and a sheet of blank paper/pen to write the words and then laid them out.
4. To keep my words straight, I measured up from the hem of the runner and them placed a line of tape. I lined up the top edge of the stencil with the tape and it kept everything straight and even.

5. Mix paint and fabric medium together.
6. Place stencil (first letter) on runner and using the pouncer apply paint to the stencil/letter. (see this step - this is when I realized I needed that guideline with the tape and then step 3 was "born.")

7. For subsequent letters, you may need to clean the used stencils (the stencils come on multiple sheets, so it just depends on on which letters you are using). I kept paper towels handy to blot the front and back of the stencils before placing my next letters.

8. You may also need to let the paint dry slightly before moving on to the next letter. I simply let it dry slightly (because the paint is not super-wet after applying it) and them laid paper towels under the stencil.
9. Continue with your letters until you are finished - I added a quick dab of the pouncer between my words to show separation.
10. Let dry for 48 hours.
11. Heat set the design -  using the correct iron setting for the fabric, cover design with cloth and press.
12. My runner has been washed after painting as well...I LOVE IT!

I think I created a fun little runner that is simple
and pretty much sums up what we do:
*Eat*Drink Play*

We mostly play dominoes or catch phrase!
So what is your favorite game?
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