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How to Pretty Up a Package

These days I find myself celebrating a lot of milestone birthdays for friends and family.
For these special birthdays, I like to present a pretty package.
Now, one of my "very serious" faults is that I cannot wrap a package for the life of me.
I try...but my corners are never right, there is tape everywhere - you get the picture, right?
So I have taken to embellishing and creating fun ways to pretty up and personalize packages (to divert attention from my other wrapping faults)! 

Pretty Packaging with Lifestyle Crafts by 504 Main

Using  my Lifestyle Crafts Dies and Evolution Die Cutter, plus some fun chevron washi tape and miniature pom poms...and anything else I can think of, it is easy to create pretty packages for those special people in your life.


Soda Fountain Cupcakes: 2 Delightful Flavors and the Easiest Recipe..EVER!

This post is about birthdays.
It is about cupcakes...really good cupcakes.
The recipe is really easy.
Trust me...don't skip it!

My birthday was a few weeks ago, but I was doing a cleanse detox
and I was determined to stick to it - 
seriously I cannot say no to cake - so on the actual day we had berries!
My kids thought I was C-R-A-Z-Y!
They were also a bit disappointed...
they really wanted to make me my birthday dessert.
So I promised them that after I finished the detox,
they would get their chance to create a special dessert for me.

Don't miss the super easy, super amazing recipe...click on READ MORE!


Wrapped Cherry Pie Cups

Remember all that stuff we learned about George Washington
and chopping down cherry trees when we were in school.
Well, I gotta tell ya I remember it...I loved that story...and better yet, I remember making cherry pies one year at school.
I have loved cherry pie since then.
Top that off with the fact that my hubby is a pie man
and it was his birthday recently.
Guess what?
Time to bake a special treat to celebrate
cherries, presidents, and hubby!
Wrapped Cherry Pie Cups!

It was a crazy week but in our house the birthday boy/girl
gets to pick their dinner and dessert and he picked cherry pie.
The recipe (if you even call it that) is nothing fancy or special
(no really it is not)
so I thought I would serve it up and try to have some fun with it.
If you ask me they look like they are each
floating in their own little parchment cloud

I decided to bake the pies in parchment paper.
I usually only make 6 pies at a time and they can sit in the pan
until we are ready to serve, but I only have one large muffin pan
and we were having guests.
I decided to fancy up that parchment!

Fancy Parchment Wrapping

  • Parchment paper
  • X-ACTO Decorative Edge scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tear off parchment in sheets about 11 inches long (you need 6 sheets)
  • Lay flat and cut all edges and down the center of this strip of Parchment with your
  • X-ACTO Decorative Edge Scissors .
  • It made such a sweet and different edging on the parchment. I thought it looked cute 

The parchment is really the star of the show and presentation here that is why I am sharing this!). I love the way the pretty edge looked when on display. I am so going to be using those X-ACTO scissors for parchment a lot more!

You will end up with 12 sheets/squares of parchment approximately 7 x 7 inches.
(it is not an exact science..at least not in my kitchen)

Wrapped Cherry Pie Cups
This makes 12 cherry pie cups


  • Large Muffin Pan (6 muffins)
  • 1/4 cup butter (with a bowl for melting)
  • Brush (for baking/food)
  • Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust (2 packages =  4 crusts)
  • Comstock Original Country Cherry Pie Filling (4 cans) (sometimes I use the Morello Cherries from Trader Joe's and cook them and make my own filling...but not this time)


  • Preheat oven to 350F.
  • Remove pie crust from frig to come to room temperature.
  • Lay flat and cut into four section (you will have 2 straight sides and one rounded one...but that is OK).
  • Melt butter (about 30 seconds in  microwave, in a microwave safe dish) and then brush the pie crust allover with butter.

  • Take Parchment squares and squish/press them into the muffin cups. They will fold and go every which way, and that is OK. Try to crease the folds so that the parchment stays in the cup.

The parchment will bounce out of the cup a little...until the next step.

  • Lay the crust in the same way...it too will fold. Just get it in the cup and TRY NOT TO HAVE THE BUTTER OR YOUR BUTTERY HANDS TOUCH THE PARCHMENT. Mine did in a few places and it discolored the parchment.

The weight of the crust makes the parchment stay in the cup

  • Bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Remove from oven, let cool for a few minutes (NOTE: for one batch I forgot to bake the crust for 10 minutes...they were still good but the crust was a little underdone...baking the crust alone first is ideal).
  • Place 3 Tablespoons (+/-) of pie filling into each cup.

Pretend the crust have been baked for 10 minutes  -
this is the batch I forgot to bake the crust before filling.

  • Return to the oven and bake for another 15 minutes (start checking the doneness of the crust around 10 minutes).
  • Let cool. 

Place on a pretty plate or pedestal

and serve with vanilla ice cream..or alone!
But share it with some friends!

That's it...easy-peasy Wrapped Cherry Pie Cups...
Very little effort required...really!

What dessert do you like for your b'day?

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Party with Tampico

A couple of weeks ago, I threw my daughter a birthday party (or two).
of course there was food...and beverage.
AND I wanted to do something really fun for the kids...and adults,
so I whipped up a couple of festive punches using Tampico!
Have you heard of Tampico?
I had heard of it, but never tried it before...
and then we were at the store and the kiddos saw
a bottle and really wanted to try it.
Well, then, "Let's try it!"
Um yeah, they loved it.

So, when it was time to create the FUN for the party,
Tampico was the obvious choice!
We headed back out to pick up some of the
new single serving 20oz. bottles and even a few gallons!
The kids had lots of ideas too!
Tampico has a ton of flavors!
All unique and fun and tasty!
To celebrate all that is unique, Tampico has a FAB contest
happening right now (through 8/21/11)...
Here's the scoop on the Unique Like You contest:
upload a photo, "trick it out," and have a chance to win a Digital Rockstar Kit: a laptop computer, digital music player, headphones, and a $100 music card!
Sounds fun! Go check it out all the details and contest rules.

For our unique party we chose to use the kids favorite flavors:
Strawberry Banana, Island Punch, and Citrus Punch.
It was seriously hard to keep their hands off the Tampico until party time.

  • The punches were simple - all made in about 5 minutes.
  • Quantities can easily be increased - I did most of mine double
  • Also the sparkling water can be increased or decreased based on your liking..Many of the adults added some more - more fizz, more fun!
The party was for 4 year olds...
but the big kids were easier to contain for the photo!
And they loved it...Not a drop of punch left!

Strawberry Banana Punch
  • 4 cups of Tampico Strawberry Banana Punch
  • 2 cups Sparkling Water of Club Soda (the kids always feel fancy with bubbles!) You could easily do ginger ale.
  • Mix together
  • Chop up some bananas and throw in some fresh strawberries (minus the stems)
  • For fun I added the juice of 2 limes too.

Fizzy Island Punch
  • 4 Cups Tampico Island Punch
  • 2 Cups Pineapple juice
  • 2 cups club soda or sparkling water
  • Limes - a little juice but just because they looked pretty too!
  • Mix is all together! Ta-da

Tampico Citrus Sherbet
I also made some sherbet (my first time for sherbet) with the Citrus Punch. I felt these fruity flavors screamed for a sherbet. The kiddos loved it!
Especially in these cute little cones!
 Notice she is licking her fingers already...YIKES!

We had fun with our Tampico Creations.
I really cannot wait to try cooking something up...
yep there are recipes on the Tampico website too! YUM!
Go visit the Tampico Facebook Page and
click here to enter the Unique Like You Contest

And, wait...this week there is a Twitter Contest running.
Between 07/26 – 08/01. All users have to do is answer a simple question posted on Tampico's Twitter Page at random times throughout, tag their answer with #Tampico20oz. The 20th person to answer (no worries, questions are open-ended), will win 20 bottles of Tampico in the 20oz bottles.

Do you have a go-to party punch?
I think these are mine now!
Disclosure: Tampico product samples were provided to me free of charge, courtesy of Tampico Beverages, Inc.


A Side of {Pretzel} Fries!

My little doll had a birthday party recently (OK, 2 birthday parties) and it was inspired by the Lalaloopsy Dolls. If you are not familiar, Lalaloopsy Dolls are fun, funky, and whimsical dolls (although I wish they were not so plastic - their heads are huge and could be a weapon). I love the crazy colors of their outfits and the two dolls my daughter has just really inspired me to go forth with this theme (I talked her out of a Tangled theme. I do love that movie though).

When I do a party or event I like the details to be more subtle, with maybe one or two literal translations, that is why I always say "inspired-by."
I used the colors and fun spirit of the dolls to create the party.

Now, Jules LOVES rod pretzels,
and I have made pretzel wands for years,
but I wanted something different...
then I remembered Jenn had purchased the Fry Box Die
from Lifestyle Crafts (and I have the Epic 6),
and so it was a match made in heaven -

This is so fun...and better yet...super easy!

(Disclaimer - I am not technical or fancy...I like to work with what I have, so this is what I did and used).
  • Pretzel Rods or Thick Pretzel Sticks (I had purchased the long rods already, so I used those and broke them in pieces)
  • Melting chocolate - your choice of color. I used white (available at craft and most party supply stores)
  • Sprinkles

  • Glass measuring cup
  • Microwave
  • Spoon
  • Wax Paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cookie sheet
OPTIONAL - for presentation
Lifestyle Crafts
(use the code 504MAIN to get 20% off at Lifestyle Crafts)

  1. Prepare your pretzels. There is not much prep required other than opening the bag if you buy the shorter pretzels. In my case I had to break the pretzels in two.
  2. Line the counter with wax paper/cutting boards/something to protect the counters. I had a piece of wax paper for dipping the pretzels; a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil for rolling the pretzels in sprinkles; and more wax paper (laid out on the counter) for laying the pretzels on to harden/dry.
  3. Place melting chocolate wafers in microwave safe glass measuring cup and heat according to package directions (typically, microwave on low for 30 seconds to one minute, stir, and repeat and short time intervals, stirring until smooth and melted.).
  4. When melted, remove from microwave.
  5. Dip end of each pretzel into the chocolate (I only covered 1/2 to 2/3 of the pretzel and in the case where I broke the pretzels in half, I covered the broken end).
  6. Give the pretzel a slight tap on the edge of the measuring cup to shake off excess chocolate.
  7. Dip or roll in sprinkles.
  8. Place on wax paper to dry.

As mentioned I used my Epic 6 and the Fry Box Die Cut to "fancy-up" my presentation the fries. The majority of the fry boxes were not decorated at the party, just a few. (I simply ran out of time). Read more about the Lifestyle Crafts NEW Dies.
I am sure you could find paper fry bags at a restaurant supply store or a store like Smart and Final (but I LOVE my die cutter, just sayin'). Then decorate them using purchased die cuts or embellishments from the craft store.
  1. Cut die out of black cardstock and assemble fry box using perforations and directions.
  2. Cut a medium size nesting bloom out of a corresponding cardstock (I used a piece of letterpress paper I had made previously).
  3. Wrap ric-rac or ribbon around fry box and secure in back with glue dot or double stick tape.
  4. Attach bloom die cut on front of box using glue dot or tape.
  5. I do think I should have added a sweet button to the middle of that die (buttons were a reoccurring element in the party details too).

You have any special party tricks up your sleeve?
More party details coming soon!


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Strictly Homemade TuesdayA Crafty SoireeJoin  us Saturdays at tatertotsandjello.com for the weekend wrap 
 up party!
Disclosure: I am in an affiliate program with Lifestyle Crafts</a>


Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! A Birthday Chandelier

I made this Birthday Chandelier last year for my hubby's big b'day and just recently made one for a dear friend who turned 40 (did anyone make one for me...no...but I am not bitter at all!). I have also had many readers make their own versions of this chandelier - from a decorative chandelier with vintage goodness to a learning tool for kids with special needs.

The possibilities are endless...
and this beauty can be made with things you already have in the house!

My original inspiration for the birthday chandelier came from the
book and burlap wreaths that were (and still are) all over blogland…
but as far as I know this is my own “creation.”
{as of 2/2010 I had not seen a similar creation}
Even as I was making this and especially
when I saw the finished project,
I could totally see this becoming so many things…
baby and bridal shower decor...
made in colorful paper as party d├ęcor...
made out of a children’s book for a nursery...
Endless possibilities {and I will milk it for all it is worth}!

DIY Birthday Chandelier
  • Wire coat hanger (or wreath frame) and wire snips/cutters if you use the coat hanger.
  • Exacto knife {or preferred cutting/ripping tool}.
  • Ruler (metal)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (I used the small hole punch)
  • Glue sticks (glue dots could probably work well too).
  • Old book (you will be tearing it apart) or scrapbook paper cut to size.
  • Ribbon (I used ¼” ribbon and a thin string to complete my chandelier)
  • String or fishing line
  • Cardstock in preferred color (You could use double sided scrapbook paper, but I found it helpful to use solid color cardstock…anything you can utilize both sides of the paper is good, so that you do not have to cut double mats to cover up the back side of the paper).
  • Photos
NOTE: For my purposes I will be referring to a wire hanger and an old book – {I have made one with a wire wreath form and scrapbook paper}
1. Cut the hanger part of the hanger off on both sides
2. Using the wire snips or pliers make hooks at each end of the hanger. Hook them together and them use your hands to form a circle with the hanger. It does no have to be a perfect circle…but it should resemble one.
3. With an exacto knife, cut the pages from an old book. The size of the wreath and the size of the folds you do in the next step will determine how many pages you need.
4. Fan or accordion fold (lengthwise) each page. A large fold will make a fuller look, a smaller fold will be a tighter look (see photos for example). I used a larger fold for my chandelier. {If you are going to pink, tear or dip the edges* do it now}
5. Once the page is folded, fold it in half, and run a glue stick along length of folded paper.
6. Sandwich the hanger between the folded page…the hanger should go right into the crease of the page. For extra hold, I stapled mine too. You can use two lengths of pages for a different style rosette - you will have to test out your rosettes on the type of paper you use to determine the fullness you desire.
7. Continue placing and gluing until your wreath is full. 
8. Before fanning out your folded pages, cut 3 lengths of ribbon approximately 36 inches long (you may want more lengths to add some flourish to the wreath like I did). Visualize a triangle on your wreath and tie (knot) a length of ribbon in these places. I liked placing one of the ribbons at the closing point/hooks of the hanger. Leave long tails so that you can take the 3 lengths and tie them together (hold them up and visualize the lengths being equal and tie a knot). 
NOTE: For Step 8 and for step 9, I am showing your the ribbon placement without the paper attached to the wreath frame. It is much easier to attach the ribbon with the paper already on the wreath...as it hold the ribbon in place.
9. If you are going to be hanging photos or anything else from the chandelier, you may want to attach the fishing line now as well. You can do as many lines as you want. I did two, dividing the wreath frame in half, each way. See NOTE from step 8.
10. Glue The top of the folded paper and then fan out and glue the two halves together.
11. With wreath still flat (or…I actually found it helpful to hang the wreath for this stage of creating), glue the top of the folded pages. Then open the folds to create a rosette and glue the sides together. Repeat as many times as necessary.
NOTE: Top, a larger accordion fold. Bottom, a smaller accordion fold.
12. When the glue on the wreath is dry you can hang your photos.
13. Tie photos to the wreath frame and along the strings you crisscrossed across the frame. Hang them at different levels for interest. Stand back every now and then to reassess positioning. You will also have to balance out the photos so the chandelier hangs straight at this stage.
  • On the computer, print out your photos. I found it helpful to print them all out in the same size using Microsoft Picture Manager, wallet size photos.
  • Cut mats out of cardstock or paper. I found it helpful to use solid color cardstock and then I could put photos on both sides.
  • Cut photos out and affix to mats (I used glue, but you could use scrapbook tape runner)
  • Punch a hole in the center top.
  • Cut lengths of ribbon or thin string (I cut them about 36” long…enough to play with) and then tie to mounted/matted photos.
Add Some Sparkle!
Dip the edges in glue and then glitter for some sparkle!
Hang a few crystals for some glam! 
Pinking shear or tear the edges for some additional detail. 
Oh yeah, did I mention the best part...
this cost N-O-T-H-I-N-G! And how FAB is it!

If you want to see a gorgeous and different version,
go check out Pretty Paper Book. It is beautiful!

Happy DIYing!

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