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Old Bakeware + New Vinyl = Kitchen Art

I am a teeny weeny obsessed with old bakeware.
I paint it...I use it for flowers, clocks, storage...
whatever I can think of!

I have had this vinyl for awhile...
and finally found the perfect home for it.
I really cannot apply vinyl to my walls
- way too bumpy and lumpy,
 and the space I originally had this in mind for it...not so good.
BUT how can you get lost when you are accessorized with Cherry Red?
It's a showstopper now! 

 This is a super easy DIY

  • Old rectangular metal pan - from thrift store...I paid $2.25
  • Spray paint: color of choice. I used Krylon Dual Cherry Red Gloss
  • Vinyl #1414, Design Divas (Only $10.00)
  • Sand paper (optional)
  • 1 DISChanger
  • a plastic squeegee or credit card for smoothing vinyl

  • Clean the pan. I also wiped it with rubbing alcohol (who knows where it has been and or for how long)
  • Prepare and protect you surface with cardboard/newspaper/etc.
  • Place the pan right (open) side down and spray in smooth even strokes, covering the entire pan. Repeat a second coat when the first is dry. Let dry completely.
  • Flip pan over and spray wit at least 2 coats of paint, as per package instruction.
  • Let dry.

Adhere Vinyl: 
NOTE: The vinyl come in one length - it is meant to be placed on your wall in one length.
I cut out each word, carefully, trying to keep equal space (1/2" on the bottom and top) on the words.
  • Now when you place the word on the pan you can measure to find the center, but for me, as some words were in a script, center did not look quite right...so use you eye to (dry) place the words. 

  • Once you are happy with the placement. I found it easiest to place the top word and then the bottom word, and then centering the two middle words.(use scotch blue tape to mark the place if necessary) Remove the backing from the vinyl, and place the word on the pan. Press firmly  and rub over it with the credit card in all directions. Repeat with each word.
  • Peel the covering off the vinyl carefully, swipe with the card again if necessary to adhere any places you missed.
  • Take a DISChanger and moisten the back with a little warm water. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Take the prepared DISChanger and place it on the back of the pan. Let dry.

At this point, you can decide to distress the pan a bit or not. If so (and of course I am) I am just lightly running a piece of scrap sandpaper around the edges.

Hang up and enjoy your new piece of kitchen art!

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre 
disclosure: some products were provided to my from The DIY Club
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Pretty Packaging for Holiday Treats (Martha Stewart Crafts Shopping Code and Sweeps)

I bake a lot during the holidays.
That is what we are supposed to do right?
I go to cookie exchanges...
and bring gifts to the neighbors...
and the teachers...and friends.
And all of those need to be packaged, right? 
I spend hours baking and making sure everything is out-of-this-world-delightful...
and then I realize I have no pretty (and easy) way to package them...
until now.

I picked up some "sweet" Martha Stewart Crafts Treat Boxes a few months ago on a whim.
Well, I have been using them for baked goodies, small trinkets,
and, well, pretty much anything that needs a pretty package ever since.

I also picked up Loaf Trays (similar to those picture below) from Martha Stewart Crafts. They were a "sweet deal" - I could not pass them up (bad habit of mine). 

I was so excited...Martha done all the work for me...
all the necessities are included
- tissue/wrapper, ribbon, labels, boxes - 
With these boxes and trays it takes little effort to package treats beautifully.

For the holidays, Martha Stewart Crafts has some sweet and festive designs to add
a wonderful touch to your baked holiday treats! 
(Keep reading for a discount code and detaisl on a Martha Stewart Crafts Sweeps!)
Wonderland Gingerbread House Treat Boxes
are designed to give your baked goods a holiday-inspired home…
one you’ll be proud to bring to the homes of friends, co-workers and loved ones!

Want to give someone an assortment of your favorite baked goodies?
The “Cottage Christmas Compartment Treat Boxes” have four sections, all in one gorgeous box adorned with Christmas greetings and timeless red ribbon.

 “Snow Lace Treat Wrappershave snowflake lace designs in red and icy blue. This elegant pattern also adorns the “Snow Lace Treat Boxes,” which have a porthole on the side to let people see the yumminess within.   

You can bake right in these Wonderland Bakeable Trays. – then use the cellophane bags, ribbon and labels to turn your confections into gifting perfection. 

Of course, stripes are always en vogue for Christmas – candy cane stripes, that is. “Candy Cane Treat Bags” and “Candy Cane Matchboxes” turn candy, cookies and cakes into beautiful gifts.

Feeling inspired?
when you enter BLOG20 at checkout through 12/31/12 

Enter the
Martha Stewart Crafts "Bag Your Holiday Bills"
Contest for your
chance to win $2,500!
Contest entry & details:
or for mobile, here: http://bit.ly/SzSiIE
This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: this post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Crafts. I have used these many times products and they rock!