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Pause...for Randomness

Are you having trouble adjusting to the New Year? I am!
I seriously woke up this morning, at 7:45 a.m. (I only hit snooze 3 times), and the house was still quiet...um yeah, no one (as in small kiddos) slept past 7:15 am the entire Winter vacation. I actually looked at hubby and said, "Maybe I'll let Joe skip school today."
I really did not want to get out of bed!

I spent yesterday trying to catch up on blog commenting...I always make it a first priority to comment on those who comment on mine...I think I did it...I must double check. Of course, I got sidetracked...and read some new blogs...and commented on those...and along the way I read a lot about resolutions and goals. A few blogs talked about selecting a word for the year. One blogger choose the word "pause"...at first I thought, "pause" - no way! I can "pause" when I am dead...BUT then it hit me this is what I need to do for 2010.

I do not pause ever. I am in a constant state of motion. When Renee was visiting she actually noticed this and made me take time to "just sit down" (I thought I was going to jump out of my skin!). By being in this constant state of "Fast Forward" I miss or rather overlook a lot...the joy of just watching the kids play together...of playing with them......of blowing bubbles...of watching a movie (you should see my list!)...of simply petting the dog. So, I am going to take time to "pause." I must get over feeling that if I pause the world will pass me by, because by not pausing the world is passing me by.

Random, Part I...An Award
Now, in an effort to maintain the randomness of this post. I would like to thank Crafty Chic Mommy for an award she passed on to me (and yes, I still need to update my award widget from the last go around!). I will play by the rules later and nominate 10 blogs, but just HAD TO SAY THANKS and tell everyone what a great blog she has - go visit!

Random, Part II...A Winner
Now I must also pass along a HUGE thank you to a blog that had a great giveaway...and that I won the honored recipient of. Daily Violets hosted a giveaway featuring her Mini Mosiac Artwear Collection...and I was lucky enough to catch it on the last day, pretty much in the last hour...and I won a sterling silver pendant with four tiles! I received my PRIZE and I am in LOVE with it! My son had a great time looking at her website and has selected a slew of other tiles for me to purchase. Below is what I selected, but you just need to go visit the site now because this is a fun and fabulous piece of jewelry.

Random, Part III...A Winner...Again!
I just cannot get enough of good stuff...yes, I realize this sounds greedy, but I was a winner again...but this time it was for my Mom. I randomly came across the Cosa Verde blog, and let me tell you I was H-A-P-P-Y! I am seriously in love with Cosa Verde now...really cool products and they donate a portion of the profits to charity...go visit and SHOP!

I caught them during Give it Forward 2009. In their words, "We're giving it away; you're giving it forward." 

I won the coffee sack messenger bag from It's Our Earth, for my mom with this comment...

"I am so in love with this bag! I would give this bag to Lynn...my mom! She and I love parrots...in fact she has a parrot (mainly because of me) for the last 25 years! So beyond buying me a parrot she also went along with my recycling craziness back in the day (20+ years ago) when you had to collect, separate, and drive it to the store or drop off center yourself...that's commitment. She is a selfless mom who, as I grow older appreciate more all the time."

Thanks to all for making 2009 fun and exciting and eye-opening! 
Back to pausing for a moment...
Do you have a word to "Live By" or a motto for 2010?

I am going to write a post for my much neglected wedding blog,
start preparing for Healthy Happy Hour posts (FINALLY!),
ponder the wonder and disgust of a sewer camera
(more on that later)
...and then to...
Happy New Year!


A Thank You & An Award (or two)

I planned on dazzling you with my gift tags
or my additional shopping from fellow bloggers today...
but kids and a new (work) project got in the way of my blogging.
Instead I will give a BIG thanks to the following people
and pass on a little cheer for the holiday season!

to Rita at Let's Embellish
I just got a my very own holiday surprise in the mail today.
Rita sent me a super-cute package of chipboard tags,
accents and an amazing photo/note holder.
If you like scrapbooking or just simply want to be inspired,
go check her out...her designs are beautiful!
I will post a photo soon!

And now for some awards!
From Jenn at Rook No. 17
My real life buddy, crafter, and baker extraordinaire
bestowed this lovely little gem that she designed herself.
I am touched and honored!

There is only one rule and it is simple: 
Pass this award on to ONE blogger
that you think is truly outstanding,
in both in their writing/posting,
and their treatment of fans, commenters,
and fellow bloggers.
 (this award is not part of the pick your own bling party)

This one goes to my pals Holly and Charisse at Life laugh Latte...They were my first followers that I did not actually know! 

From Tiffany at My Journey in Motherhood

I have received this before and am highly honored to receive it again!
Thank you! Here is the link to the post.
Because this award has very specific rules,  
it is not part of the Pick Your Own Bling Party.


The rules: I am supposed to share 7 things about me.
(I'll keep it short...I think)
1. I am a natural blonde...no one believes me.
2. If I had patience, I would love to go
back to school and become a teacher - 
never gonna happen...the patience part that is.
3. I was hoping to have two boys so that I could
drop all the bird and the bees talks on my hubby.
4. I love sparkly things.
I was very keen on the fad that included lots of
gems and stud on shirts and shoes
(that was a long time ago...)
5. I have only ever lived in California
and never more than 5-6 miles from the beach.
6. When I find something I like, I buy multiples.
I once had 20 of the same turtleneck...
10 were black.
7. I still have not figured out why people pay me to write.

From Holly and Charisse at Life Laugh Latte

From Polly at 5th Sister

From Daffy at Batcrap Crazy

From Lynn at Midday Escapades 

The rules...list 10 things that make me happy
(and tag 10 blogs that brighten my day).
1. Joe
2. Jules
3. Laughter
4. Sunshine
5. An email or phone call from a friend
6. Really good coffee
7. Treasure hunting...and finding treasure.
8. Listening to my fave country songs on my ipod.
9. When the computer works.
10. Sitting on the deck listening to the waves crash.
11. Visiting blog, getting/giving thoughtful comments.

From Corrie at Just Because My Pickle Talks Does Not Make Me An Idiot

So, following the precedent set by Holly and Charisse...
because it is the holidays,
will the following bloggers please pick out a shiny new award for yourself!

Trying to spread the holiday cheer around!
I bet there are a million typos in this post...
but at 12:40 am I do not care. I'll fix them tomorrow!

All of you - 
that means anyone who swings on by -
is awesome and appreciated.



A little something for me...a lot of somethings for you!

Wowie...another crazy week and lots of awards to share.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
to all those bloggers who have passed on the following awards!

There are a lot of names on this list...
it could take days to notify everyone...
so, check the list...and I am working on it!
I still have a Theta Mom tag to finish!
And a turkey dinner to prepare!

Wanna know who won the giveaway...
go to the bottom of the post.
Thanks everyone for playing along with me.
I really wish I won the lottery
(I almost did...that would be a good post!)
and each of you could have a stamp,
but alas no such luck! Only one winner here!

From Jenn at Rook No 17 passed on this award...Muchas gracias!

The rule to this award is simple: 
Pass on the award to 10 other people while notifying and prompting them to do the same.
My nominees are:
  1. Candyfloss and Persie
  2. The McDonald World
  3. Sandwich 365
  4. Pink Flip Flops and Wine
  5. Blonde Episodes
  6. That Crazy Baby Mama
  7. Low Expectations
  8. Theta Mom
  9. Leigh vs. the Laundry
  10. Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver

Kori at Blonde Episodess created this sparkling award (my favorite kind) and passed it on to me...XOXO!

1. Link the person who gave you the award.
2. Pass the award on to 10 blogs and link those who you gave it to.
3. Let those bloggers know you chose them!
4. Post your award on your sidebar if you so choose.
5. Recopy the rules for someone else.

And, now I pass it on to...

  1. Blonde Episodes...I am not regifting...I just think Kori did such a great job that she deserves one of her one awards!
  2. How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
  3. NYC Gal
  4. The Mother Load
  5. Hormones, Headaches, and Hot Flashes
  6. Batcrap Crazy
  7. Life Laugh Latte
  8. Stir-Fry Awesomness
  9. Speaking from the Crib
  10. Stilettos and Ink
  11. MJ
From Caitlin at Candyfloss and Persie passed on this sweet little award to me...

I'll play the game and list 10 random facts about me, per the rules of acceptance of the award! My list is a little lame..sorry!
  1. I love serial killer movies, books, anything. When I was younger, the Night Stalker was "loose" In So. Cal. and my brother and I decided that it would be a good idea to have a camp out in our backyard.
  2. For my next career switch, I am going to design wedding gowns.
  3. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would probably move back to L.A.
  4. I would love to try living in NY for at least one year...I wish I would have went to design school there.
  5. My house (in L.A.) was on Jack La Lanne juicer commercial. We were not home when they filmed it...I was having a baby!
  6. I had to ask someone to my senior prom and pay for his tux (how embarrassing!)
  7. My favorite sandwich is pickles and cheese...Oh yeah, it is really good (and nutritious!)...white bread, processed cheese, mayo, and sliced dill pickles. I have not had one in ages, but was FAMOUS for them in school.
  8. I go to bed at 1:30 am, get up at 7:00 am and drink A LOT of coffee.
  9. I am a magazine junkie...seriously you have no idea how many I have...and neither do I.
  10. I fight the urge to put on sweats and "call it a day" everyday...I do sometimes wear yoga pants, but I always wear mascara and lip gloss!
    This goes to...
    From my friend Matty at Matty Thoughts...

    From Holly at In the Kitchen with Holly and Lisaloo at One Step at a Time

    There are conditions to accepting this award and they are as follows:

    - put the lemonade logo on your blog or within your post.
    - nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude or gratitude.
    - link the nominees within your post.
    - let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
    - share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award
    So, I would like to pass this along to:
    1. Twenty First Century Housewife
    2. Sevin Family
    3. Matty Thoughts
    4. Show Me The Mom
    5. Facts from a Fact Woman
    6. Muddy Runner
    7. This Stop Willoughby
    8. Tattoos and Teething Rings
    9. Simple Sweet Inspirations
    10. Warm Chocolate Milk
    11. Family Soup
    From the lovely Katrina at Sevin Family...

    Here are the rules:
    -Display the award logo
    -Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside
    -Link to your Nominees and leave a comment on their blog telling them about the award.
    -Link to the person whom you received the award.
    And now for last weeks whoopsie...SORRY!
    Shannon from Show Me The Mom also awarded me the Superior Scribbler
    Click HERE to see my recipients

    Oh, you thought I was done...NOT YET!
    Risley at Adventures of the Wilkinson's tagged me for the Happy List

    Here are the rules:
    List 10 things that make you happy.
    1. Hugs from my Jules
    2. Hugs from my Joe
    3. Really cool boots
    4. Great fitting jeans
    5. Laughter
    6. My hubby (when he isn't driving me crazy...J/K)
    7. Crisp clear sunny days
    8. The perfect Mocha!
    9. Looking for sea glass at the beach
    10. Being creative in any way shape or form!
    11. My hubby's contribution is this: "comments and followers"...he thinks I am obsessed!
    Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day
    Make sure to link back to the person that tagged you!
    Seriosuly, I cannot do another list,
    so If you are reading this...
    consider yourself TAGGED!

    Who won? Who won? Tell me NOW...

    I couldn't deal with the random-number-computerized thing, so everyone's name (each entry, as per the post, got one ticket). I threw them in the good old orange bucket and picked a winner! Just like the old days!

    I promise I am done.


    PS- Is my font easier to read now?

    PSS-I am working on my button/badge display. If anyone wants to swap buttons let me know!


    Awards Season...

    I am about 30 days late a many dollars short of accepting
    and passing on these awards in a 
    timely manner. I apologize! I {heart} these bloggers
    and if you have not already done so, go check them out NOW!
    I think I managed to get them in the order in
    which they were received! If not, sorry!
    And If I screwed up..sorry too (but let me know so I can fix it!)!
    It has been a very enlightening and busy weekend...
    I will be back at you all tomorrow posting and commenting away!

    From Low Expectations, the Your Blog is Fabulous award

    There are rules for this one...share 5 things that you are obsessed with and then pass the award along to 5 of the most fabulous blogs you read.

    I am obsessed with:
    1. Fashion - clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, etc.
    2. Motherhood - I try to be a better mother every day!
    3. Sparkly things - the way they catch the sunlight and shine make me smile!
    4. Putting my life in order - making time for me (even just 5 quiet minutes a day), feeding my family the proper foods, exercising again, fueling my creative side
    5. Mochas - Oh, coffee - I {heart} coffee
    This award goes to...
    Leigh vs. Laundry
    Batcrap Crazy
    (Yes, I can count, that's 6! Report me...)

    From Dirty Little Confessions, the Silver Shoe of Sincerity

    This goes to:

    From Who Has the ThymeShow Me the Mom, and Running with Letters (wholly cow!), the Superior Scribbler

    The Scribbler award comes with some rules:
    • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.
    • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
    • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.
    • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor
    • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.
    So, drum roll please, the 5 people I want to pass this along to, in no particular order are:

    (yes...I can count and that is three, but I am burnt..and will figure the rest out later!)
    From Pink Flip Flops and Wine, the Friend Award

    This goes to...

    From Leigh vs Laundry, the Heartfelt Award

    This goes to...

    This goes to


    Awards Day!

    I am a whole lotta days late and a many dollars short on getting this post together and expressing my gratitude. I really appreciate all the love and comments and followers.

    And I must apologize for my semi-sort-of-absence and lack of thoughtful commentary lately. I am working on getting it back together, but just bear with me....I have a book coming out in December and I must do some work for it, which unfortunately cuts into blogging time.

    I love my time in blogland and truly apprciate everyone who stops in, comments, and follows!

    So with no further adieu (presented in the order in which they were received)....

    Tattoos and Teethiing Rings gave me this Over the Top Award.
    She has posted some really great tidbits on Real Moms and Mom Wars (among others) over there and a super sweet love story today. Go check her out now, you wont be sorry.

    Can I pass this one to everyone? If I read you and I comment, I must think you are "Over the Top," (that sounds familiar, I must have stole that from someone) but since I don't think that is part of the rules, here goes...

    I know she has this one (she must!) but Lee at Hormones, Headaches and Hot Flashes created "Over the Top!" Check her out (as if you have not already)

    Daffy at Batcrap Crazy. I am sure she has this too..she must! But I don't care

    Tami at Every Day in Gray...her blog is honest and she just tells it like it is. I especially loved her rant about "Stupid, Stupid Boys"

    Lynn at Midday Escapades. Lynn has great reviews and giveaways and you should go over and see what it is all about.

    Kys at Stir Fry Awesomeness gave me the My Friends Award. Her blog rocks. She is hilarious too and has some very creative posts.
    MJ at Dirty Little Confessions also bestowed this award on me. You need to go pay her a visit. Her honesty is refreshing and on Friday you can confess all.

    I pass this on to:
    Lisaloo at One Step at a Time, she is a new friend!
    Giving back the love to Tattoos and Teething Rings
    Holly and Charisse at Life, Laugh, Latte because they are great and they wore costumes today!

    Steph in the City gave me this Heartfelt Award. I love this blog. She always has an interesting story to tell or gives me something to think about.

    Kimberley at TerraDelSole. She is one of my new friends. She is genuine and I enjoy her posts.
    Polly at The 5th Sister. She was one of my first followers and always gives thoughtful comments.
    This Stop Willoughby she has a great blog and is a super hostess!

    Lynn at Midday Escapades also presented me with the Friendly Blogger award. Lynn has great reviews and giveaways and you should go over and see what it is all about.

    Erin at The Mother Load
    Lee at Hormones, Headaches and Hot Flashes
    Liz at 21st Century Housewife
    MJ at Dirty Little Confessions

    And, just to make this fun, if you were listed as a giver or a receiver above, you get it to!...
    Steph in the City
    Tattoos and Teethiing Rings
    Every Day in Gray
    Stir Fry Awesomeness
     One Step at a Time
    Life, Laugh, Latte
    The 5th Sister
    This Stop Willoughby
    Batcrap Crazy

    That's it. Hope I didn't screw up! It is late...must sleep!


    While I Was Away...More Awards

    I may leave town more often if things like this continue to happen...

    While I was sunning (not really, it poured rain, but it doesn't sound as good) myself in L.A. and my hubby was powerless (really no electricity) in PG, I received two awards. Wooooo-whoooo! Yes, thank you, I will give myself a little cheer.

    First up, Tattoos and Teething Rings honored me with the I Give Good Blog Award. I just love it! She has some really terrific and timely posts happening over at her place and it a great commenter...so if you have not already done it...go check her out!


    The rules for accepting the award are that I must pass it on to four more blogs. There are so many blogs that I LOVE and bloggers that I LOVE, so this is not easy. I figure the best way to spread the love is to pass it on to some othe rnew bloggers...so they can spread the love. I have selected this ladies and gentleman for many reason, so just go check them out.

    And the story continues...
    Erin over at The Mother Load honored me with the Honest Scrap Award. I am totally blown away. If you have not checked out her blog, you must do it...insightful, funny and witty!

    The rules of this award require me to list 10 things you may not know about me. So here it goes:
    1. I wanted to be a wedding gown designer when I was seven…I still do, and hope to have that chance someday.
    2. Patience is not one of my virtues (I skipped that line and went straight to the OCD line), so being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. I try every day to be a better mother. I love my kids more than everything and the sound of their laughter is the single best thing on earth.
    3. I am a rules person, and people who preach the rules but then think the rules do not apply to them drive me insane. I think the idea of personal responsibility needs to be revisited. (That's my soap box for today)
    4. I was a Big Sister in Los Angeles, and I loved it. I think Big Brothers/Big Sisters is one of the best organizations ever. I woudl love to do more charity work, but there is just not that much time right now...so instead fo time I donate coats/money/whatever I can do to help.
    5. My father took mu future hubby aside after we got engaged and asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this because “My daughter can be a b****.”
    6. My junior year english teaxcher told me I could write, but I didn;t care...I was goign to be a fashion designer. I skipped all that stuff...but since then, I have written four books and am on the fifth.
    7. I have been on a few TV shows as a wedding planning expert. It was fun, but not all it is cracked up to be.
    8. I always wanted to take piano, but never got to. Instead of $$ a month for piano, my parents spent $$$$$$ a year on ice hockey for my brother. Yes, I am bitter, and yes my parents know I am.
    9. I love serial killer documentaries and TV shows. My husband tells everyone if he disappears I did it. Honestly, I wouldn’t do it yet, he needs more life insurance.
    10. I refused to go to a concert until the Go-Go’s got back together, so when they did Lesley took me for my b’day. Since then I have only been to four adult concerts (Go-Go’s, Eagles, Garth Brooks x2). I have seen the Wiggles three times and Charlotte Diamond three times…aren’t you jealous?

    Passing it on to:
    The McDonald World
    Dirty Little Confessions
    Tattoos and Teething Rings


    P.S. I am having some serious computer issues...sorry it took so long to get this out and excuse any crazy typos or formatting....it has refused to save this post 4 times and I am DONE!


    WOW...More Bloggy Awards

    I guess my week just got better....

    I was sent a very nice message earlier. I was supposed to go check out someone's blog...and I am a rule follower, so off I went to Matty Thoughts. I love visitng his blog anyway - he always has something great to say on his blog and he is the best commenter! Each one of his comments is so well thought out (unlike my crazy ramblngs). Go check him out NOW and follow along like the rest of us...

    Anyway, Matty has given me an award...I am so excited and honored. So here is my shiny new award...

    I must pass it on to one person who I think has one hot sizzling blog. I am new and unsure of blogging etiquette (ask me about wedding etiquette and that is a whole different story), and there are so many fantastic blogs that I read...it is so hard to make a decision. Matty said this "Anyone I follow could have it, otherwise I wouldn't even be following them. So if you are my list, don't feel left out but rather consider yourself hot." I think that sums it up (sorry for stealing that line Matty, but it is a good one...and I gave you credit!). So, in keeping with the rules, I pass this award on to:

    Holly and Charisse at Life Laugh Latte
    They are hilarious...I dare you to watch their videos and not laugh. They give great comments and are great followers (I mean that in a good way). And of course, Holly has a great name! (You too Charisse, but I am partial to the name Holly)

    And now...
    Now, a couple of days ago I posted that Cynthia at Running with Letters passed on the One Lovely Blog Award to me. She too gives great comments. Her stories are fantastic...I look forward to catching her new posts...and she does this great photography. You must run now, quick and check her out....

    OK, there are rules...The rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are accept the award, post it on your blog along with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award along to several other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award...

    And last but not least...

    I was given this by Lee at Hormones, Headaches, & Hot Flashes last week. This award was created by Matty over at Matty Thoughts and has some rules (see bottom of post). He is a great commenter - they are all so thoughtful, and it is super fun to have a man's perspective on things. I was remiss in passing it along..so finally, here it is...

    Go check out these blogs...you'll be happy you did!

    Along with Matty's award are these little questions that are SUPPOSED to only have one word answers. It is really hard for me to use one word...but I did it almost!

    1. Where is your cell phone?.... Pocket
    2. Your hair? ......Blonde
    3. Your mother? ......Sweet and Loyal (she deserves more than 1 word)
    4. Your father?.....Life-of-the-Party
    5. Your favorite food? ......Pizza
    6. Your dream last night?......Huh? (If you don't sleep can you dream?)
    7. Your favorite drink?....Mocha
    8. Your dream/goal? .....Bestseller
    9. What room are you in? ......Family Room
    10. Your hobby? ......writing
    11. Your fear? .....Something happening to my kids
    12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?......good question!
    13. Where were you last night?.....Molly's
    14. Something you aren't?.....Fake
    15. Muffins? .....Yummy
    16. Wish list item? ......Pool (but not at this house)
    17. Where did you grow up?...... L.A.
    18. Last thing you did?...... Night-Night
    19. What are you wearing? ......Sweater
    20. Your TV? .....Old-School
    21. Your pets? .........Dog
    22. Your friends? ......Cool
    23. Your life?......Crazy!
    24. Your mood? ......Content
    25. Missing someone? ......Yep
    26. Vehicle? ......SUV
    27. Something you're not wearing? ......Shoes
    28. Your favorite store? .......Target
    29. Your favorite color? ......Pink
    30. When was the last time you laughed? ......Tonight
    31. Last time you cried? .....Thursday
    32. Your best friend?......Loyal
    33. One place that I go over and over? .......Coffee
    34. One person who emails me regularly?.......June
    35. Favorite place to eat? .......Rizzo's Pizza (Torrance, CA--THE best!)

    OK, I think I did it..I have fulfilled my duties (I hope). Thanks again to everyone....I sure hope I didn't duplicate, etc., but I can barely remember where I am much less everyone else this week :).