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Patio Furniture Update: The Bloggy Olympic - Outdoor Event

 I have had the same white "plastic" patio furniture for
a very, very long time...like 13+ years.
Every year I look, and swoon over the pretty furniture
I see in the stores...
and every year, I leave empty-handed.

On the other hand, this furniture is still in good condition.
The original cushions are long gone (think yellow flowers),
and so is the umbrella, but the chairs and table are sturdy
and well made (thank you Sears!)...
so why not spruce up these guys.
Beside, in the house we use stuff until their is nothing left to use!

This is where I started...

So, there is nothing earth-shattering about this DIY...
other than it looks 100% better,
and the lesson that just because something is old
does not mean it cannot get a makeover and be pretty again!


  • Old patio furniture (found in your own backyard, a street corner, dumpster or thrift store)
  • 8 Cans of Krylon Fusion in Black, Satin finish (it may take more, depending on the style of furniture). I used Fusion because it is the best for bonding with plastic. I will probably need another few cans to finish off the table.
  • Good scrub brush and bucket of soapy water.
  • Drop cloth/cardboard, lots of newspaper for protecting your surfaces
  • Eye, mouth, and hand protection (recommended)

1. Prep your surface - no sanding or priming needed...I just gave the pieces a good wash with soapy water and a scrub brush.

2. Let dry thoroughly.

3. Grab a chair - place it on the covered/protected surface. I found it easier to elevate mine on top of a table to work on.

4. I laid out one chair at a time - and worked on it over the course of the day. 
Begin painting/spraying in smooth even "strokes". Let dry between coats and reapply. I applied about 3 light coats - I was always finding a nook or cranny that I missed.

My chairs were of that textured plastic, so I practiced patience and took my time and the result was amazing.

5. Once dry, flip the chair over and repeat the painting process.

6. Repeat for all the chairs and table.

The results....

As for the table...it is not 100% done...I need (want) to take the glass out before I paint and really clean it good...but I need hubby hereto help with the glass and he has not been home (where we have not been at a party of kiddo function) forever!

I picked up some new cushion on clearance (about $10 each!!!!),
tied them on the chairs and love the new black chairs!

Now, I love a DIY that saves me money
(and so does my hubby!)

What outdoor projects have you been working on?
Link up to the Bloggy Olympics and show us what you have been doing.
There is also a give away...hop over to Directions Not Included to get in on the giveaway...and it is a good one:

WIN $50 in plants (for fall shipping) from

They sell native wildflowers and ferns nationwide. 

How awesome is that!?

Now go link on up!
If you are looking for Tickled Pink...it is right HERE!


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DIY! A Sunny Sign

OK, no joke, this sign has taken me 5+ months to complete.
You ever have those projects that look perfect in your mind...
but you start them and they are not turning out so perfect in reality...
well, this was one of those.

Finally I think I got it!
It looks NOTHING like the original vision...
but I like it nonetheless.

This sign is for my parents...paying a little
a little homage to their love of the outdoors, the beach
and my Dad's ever popular "It's seventy and sunny" greeting.

It was supposed to be a Christmas present...
so I am either really early or really late.


  • 1/4 “ plywood, cut to 24” L x 16” H 1/2” plywood (you need a 24”L x 16”H piece to cut the sun
  • NOTE: You can use all 1/4” or all 1/2” plywood to make the sun and base. I used the 1/4” for the sign to make the sign a little lighter. And I liked how much the 1/2” plywood stood out from the base.
  • Gorilla Glue Wood Glue
  • Jigsaw (DeWalt from Rockler)
  • Decoupage, DecoArt
  • Americana Acrylic Paints, DecoArt in Bright Yellow, Canyon Orange and Jack-O-Lantern
  • Canvas Corp paper, Beach Sampler on Ivory, Blue and Ivory Chevron, and Blue and Ivory Beach Words Reverse
  • Foam brush, Rockler
  • Paint brush (I used my old Purdy brush designated especially for crafts - by me!)
  • 2 – 3” DISChangers
  • Stencils Elmer’s Painters Marker, Black
  • Dremel Multi-purpose tool
  • Distress Ink  

Here is a sneak peek...
you can catch the full tutorial over at The DIY Club
DIY Club
Now, just...
Draw it

Cut it

Grab some paper

Paint it!

Decoupage it

Glue it!

Embellish it!

Sand it and mark it up!

Hang it!

See ya at the beach!


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disclosure: some products were supplied to me through my affiliation with The DIY Club. Opinions and projects are my own.


Making Memories by the Grill #GrillingisHappiness

 One time in elementary school,
my class was asked to draw a picture of a family tradition…
and I drew a picture of my family grilling.
At the time I felt embarrassed that this was my tradition…
but overtime, I grew to realize it was about so much more than grilling.
The fact that we grilled virtually year round and
our home was always open to friends and family brought
us together and gave us a lot of fond memories.
grilling is happinesss sign
I grew up in Southern California, where it is seemingly always 70 and sunny,
so it makes perfect sense to grill year round!
Grilling was not reserved for the weekend or a camp out or a holiday…
it was a mealtime staple.

I want my kids to have the same fun memories -
setting the table, helping pull the meal together,
selecting a special treat to grill after the meal.
It is one more way to bring us all together as a family and
capture that bit of happiness that lies in every day.
jules and joe with sign