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Reversible Holiday WISH and New Years Banner

Oh yeah...I know it is almost 'THE BIG DAY" but after a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, I am squeezing in one more craft - I just had to! This season, I have been a little slow in the holiday decorating department...in fact I planned on having a gingerbread man theme this year (and I usually don't do a theme)...but guess what...no gingerbread men.  So this WISH/NEW YEARS banner is perfectly festive for our minimal decor...

#fabulouslyfestive Reversible holiday banner by 504 main


A New Christmas Tradition: An Unexpected Christmas

I did not grow up with religion in my life. I attended church on and off with some friends. I have celebrated Christmas with presents, Santa, and family, but here was never much religion involved, but my kids are very interested in all aspects of Christmas. Recently my daughter went to a church event with a friend called The Streets of Bethlehem. She was fascinated and has been talking about how she "Saw Baby Jesus in God's Old World." (I love how a six year old describes things) Clearly, she wanted to know more.

Thankfully, I had just received the book An Unexpected Christmas by Simone Graham. I have "known" Simone for awhile and was thrilled to read this story she created. It was exactly what my daughter wanted to hear. She could understand more about Baby Jesus, and the book did a better job explaining it all to a child that I ever could.

Whether you are religious or not, this book is a wonderful read. I do believe it will become one of our Christmas traditions.

You can also head over to You Tube to watch a short video of An Unexpected Christmas.

An Unexpected Christmas is available on Amazon, in print or Kindle edition.
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Wish List Giveaway (Don't Miss this One! 18 Baskets of AMAZING GOODIES!)

 Happy Holidays!
Now I know the holidays are about family and so much more than gifts...
but admit it we all like a few goodies too!
wish list gift basket by 504 main

Well, here is you opportunity for more than a few goodies!
This is a ginormously amazing
(you have to visit each blog individually to enter their giveaway.)


My Two Favorite Christmas Tree Projects (DIY's for the Long Weekend!)

Unbelievably...Christmas is here again - almost!
(yeah, I know...every December 25!)
But first Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I will be getting ready for some Christmas decorating after tomorrow...
it always starts with the tree in my house...
so I thought I'd share 2 of my

Over the last couple of years I have made many projects I like...
but here are just a couple you might want to tackle
over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
 Both are (pretty) simple.

First, one for the kiddos!
My little girlie likes to decorate the tree...all month long, so I created

And, next, one is for those of us who hate ugly tree stands!
(like me!)
A Christmas Tree Crate to hide that stand!

Christmas Tree Stand Crate by 504 Main

I hope you have an amazing week with your friends or family!
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Family...I Mean Dad's Rules (Family Rules Giveaway)

My parents are hard to buy for...
they have what they need...
they know how to spend money
(I inherited that from someone!)...
And well this year, with no one in this house having a real paying job,
holiday gifts are of the more DIY and sentimental sort.

I totally want that baseball scoreboard 
or the other baseball decor for my kids room
 I think her signs are fun and fabulous!

Recently she offered to let me try out her DIY Printables and to host a 
Family Rules DIY Printable Giveaway.
These DIY Printables are great not only for Family Rules, but what about
"Craft Room Rules"
"Kitchen Rules"
the possibilities are endless!
I mounted mine on a wood plaque but for a quick gift, just grab a frame and frame the print. It will look great and you  will look thoughtful!

I was so excited.
I got to thinking about our family rules
and only came up with a bunch of sarcastic ones...
and then it hit me - I need a present for my Dad!

My Dad loves his garage/driveway/outdoor area...
(you can read more about what he taught me if you want)
so why not create a little something for him
(I already had an idea for my Mom.)

I headed over to Signs By Andrea to work on my 
I have NEVER done anything like this...but guess what I was amazed at how easy the process is. And in no time at all, I had a fun an personal gift...for a great price!

First you select a title for your rules.
Then, add your rules or use some of the provided ones.
Select a style for you rules.
Choose a text and background color.
(I played with some different styles and colors until I found what I liked)

Once you have that done, you can select a
DIY Printable that you can download and print out at home,
a poster print that is professionally printed in a large format,
 A wrapped canvas for a super cool look

I selected a DIY Printable
(and that is what the giveaway if for too)
Then my printer stunk it up...
so I saved it to a disk and printed it out at FedEx Kinko's.
(Thank you Kinkos! Still may savior after all these years!)  

I did manage to print out a copy on canvas paper - love that look!

I then painted over a wood plaque I picked up a goodwill, cut and mod podged the printable on, finished the edges with some washers (it is going in a garage!) and hung it with a Dischanger.
 I am sure it will go well next to his Dink's Hot Rod Garage sign
and his license plate collection

Runs from 12/12 to 12/17/12
Entries must be done using rafflecopter.
You can use your facebook log in or your email

FOR THE OPTIONAL PINTEREST ENTRY, here is a sample of the pin
There is a pin it button right above the family rules graphic.
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disclosure: I was provided with a family rules printable for myself and one to giveaway.


Let's Shop and Support Blogger Friends!

How is your shopping going?
Here are a few awesome opportunities to catch up and support small business.
FYI- No one paid to be here or even asked to be here.
These are just some people I love and have cool stuff.
photo: istock photos

If you pin something, PLEASE head to the appropriate persons blog or website. All of these images except the bunny and scottie one below are property of the shop owners.

Hook and Linen is based in Australia  - don't let that stop ya - the shipping was reasonable and so worth it! These sweet animals are so cute my daughter and I fight over them!

I MORE THAN LOVE her vintage crocheted floor mats...1 or 10 are on my wish list!

 One of the sweetest ladies EVER is Jen from Delightful Deets.
And you have to see these adorable pettirompers and headbands.
Contact Jen over at her blog if you want one. They fit up to 5T 

What kiddo couldn't use a mask or cape?
Heck, I want one! 
Kissed by a Frog (LOVE this girl!) has super cute items for kids in her etsy store. She is offering FREE SHIPPING and FREE PERSONALIZATION right now! Order quick!


Here is a sampling of what she offers 
PLUS, as part of the HEROES WITH HOPE program one "Bald is Beautiful/Brave" cape will be donated to one of the bravest heroes (a child fighting cancer). 

Shoe Shinez - Love these adorable add-ons for your shoes.
So dang cute! What a great stocking stuffer! 

I'd love these in my stocking!

Go and shop...and come back tomorrow for another small business...
a great gift idea and a giveaway!
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How to Make A Christmas Tree Stand Crate

I see beautiful photos of trees all the time...
and I swoon and dream just a bit.
One day the tree will be all mine to adorn with glittering perfection,
and to stand tall in a graceful urn, but right now,
the tree belongs to my kids.
Christmas Tree Stand Crate by 504 Main
That is how I remember it growing up.
With the exception of my Dad putting on the lights
and a few precious ornaments my Mom had,
my brother and I were allowed to decorate the tree
and it is one of my fondest memories.


Aloha to The Elf on the Shelf

This is our first year for Elf on the Shelf.
My daughter begged for him all last year.
She got one for her birthday in July.
Our elf (aka Elfin) is not naughty...
he just sneaks around the house...
but he creeps me out
(have you seen him without his hat!)
and keeps me awake at night
(and I really need some sleep).
I talked to him about it and...
 when we got up this morning...
this is what I found:

Image credit: pugovica88 / 123RF Stock Photo
My Elf on the Shelf has become an Elf on the Beach.

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Rustic and Repurposed Holiday Card Display

Guess what?
Until today I had ZERO holiday decorations out.
Well, technically we had cute little snowmen, but we ate them.

But today I finished a cute holiday card display.
(and wrapped 5 gifts!)
I have never done much with my cards before -
I just stick the cards on the mirror.
(so am I going to get kicked out of blog world now?)

I actually have decided to put the tree in a new location this year, meaning I can decorate my living room a little differently than usual, and I will be going at little more rustic in the family room (at least that is the plan - all subject to change).

OK, enough of the ramblings...it is the tired and coffee talking.
Let me show you my little and simple creation!

First, I had these sweet dies from the
Lifestyle Crafts Knotty and Nice collection.

I love bows...I mean love bows,
so I was so excited to get to use them! 
(and these dies work in all manual die cutters too)



This is so simple - really. You won't believe it!

1. Clean the trellis - if you are like me and it has been outside

2. Reinforce the trellis if necessary - mine was/is a little cockeyed, but I am sticking with it. I also cute the middle stake off a bit.

3. Cut 4 lengths of jute cord to the measurement of the horizontal bars on the trellis.

4. Use a staple gun (you can glue it too), and staple the cord to the horizontal bars - be sure to line up the staples/cord end where you want it to end (the bows will cover the staples). Do this on both sides to all four bars (my trellis has 4 bars, yours may have more).

5. Staple one end of the jute cord to the back side of the trellis and begin wrapping it around the trellis. I made about three loops for each section of the trellis.

6. I secured the newly wrapped cord to the trellis with the staple gun in a few places on the back.

7. Run the die through your die cutter. I was able to get 2 bows out of each 6" x 12' piece of paper. You need 8 bows (more if you like more bows).

8. Assemble the bows. I used a corsage pin poked through the back (leaving the pearl on the underside) and wrap and secure the loops using the pin. Once all placed, stick a small decorative bard through the top (going through all layers)  and open in the back. I have big ole fingers and can do this - you can too!

9. Place Sticky Thumb Adhesive on the back of each bow and then adhere them over the staples on the eight points of the trellis.

10. It should look a little like this.

11. Hang it - Display it: You can staple gun in a loop of jute cord for a hanger or use a picture hanger attached to the back.

12. Add clothespins all over - at your discretion and start filling it up with your cards! (I picked up these vintage beauties for $1 at a local vintage Fair called Pickings!)

Don't forget - Lifestyle Crafts has a few Black Friday Deals, like the Holly Jolly Craft Kit that are good through 11/30/12
and be sure to
use the code 504main 
for an additional 20% discount! 

Did you notice I wrapped a few gifts sing the jute cord and another Knotty and Nice bow die? Woo -whoo I am so ahead of the Christmas craziness (at least for the moment!)

How do you display your cards?????

This post is written and created at 504 Main by Holly Lefevre

disclosure: some products were supplied to me by Lifestyle Crafts.
Affiliate links are provided in this post. 
All opinions are 100% my own - I dig this tool!
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