Giveaway from Makia Creations EXTENDED! Here's My California Snowman!

Hey all!
I have extended the Makia Creations Giveaway because
I just finished my California Snowman from the kit they sent me and
it is so darn cute I wanted you all to see it.
It was so easy to pull together...all the paper was coordinated and the pieces cut...this is not only a fun kit for you to share with the girlfriends but I would even say it is kid friendly!
Go HERE to enter!
Giveaway open until Thursday 10/28 at 9:00 pm PST
I am having some serious computer issues...I have lots of projects (super ridiculously easy-and cheap- eyeball candles, a faux pallet art piece, etc., etc.) and posts galore, but the world - mainly my computer - is not cooperating with me...
maybe that is my sign to get some sleep tonight...hmmmm....

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